Monday, 1 January 2018

Shameless Mullahs Of Islam

Shameless Mullahs Of Islam

Why are we ashamed to face Islam and call it barbaric while on the other hand mullahs and clerics all the time unashamedly or shamelessly  spurt contra Human Rights rant in the garb of Islam. If it’s a matter of Triple Talaq in india, which has been held to be illegal by Supreme court, or the matter of security for women from domestics violence, these mullahs shamelessly advocate against human rights and everyone else just respect them because they are representing a religion endorsed by 1.5 billion blind followers across the globe.  Quran allows wife beating so they have a case against everyone who thinks otherwise, so every law providing safety to women is unIslamic. Triple talaq was allowed by The caliph of Islam Umer so why it has been allowed in the first place when  prophet himself had a different opinion on triple talaq and counted all talaqs in one sitting as one.
If Mullahs are shameless then why cant everyone else be the same and shuts them up. There is a very foul mouthed Mullah in Pakistan with following in millions who openly use foul language and gets the praise from the close minded crowd.
Now liberals would rush to defend Islam as soon as they would start reading my article by saying all religions are same , there is violence in Christianity too , in the old testament. I would say please go fuck yourselves and let me speak my mind because I am concerned about Islam only as I am an ex-Muslim and target of all the crazy Muslim Ummah which considers my murder as legitimate due to the Islamic teachings of killing the apostates. I am dealing with that issue , Islam destroyed my life so I am concerned about islam, its still impacting my life in a negative way, so please shut the fuck up. Even otherwise violence in old testament does not justify the violence of Islam and does not provide any bases for us to bear it without resistance. Plus I am not willing to allow islam the time of centuries to grow an ounce of rationale to understand the value of Human Rights.

Coming back to the point , Mullahs of Iran or Saudia or Pakistani establishment including every single Islamic Government is a sponsor of terrorism , if we see the report of state Department of USA of 2016, we find this fact strengthened by the findings in that report. Muslim countries are not concerned at all about the wellbeing of their masses , they collect the taxes and sponsor world wide terrorism. West has given us world wide web but Islam has given us the world wide terrorism network. If you see the banned outfits in the same report, Muslim majority can be spotted very easily. They wanna earn Jannah, 72 virgins, which they never get in real life because of these crazy mullahs. In an article published in daily mail in 2014 about paedophilia in Pakistan, a very religious paedopile from Pakistan said and I Quote” 'What can we do?,'We know it's totally against Islam. God doesn't like it. But we're helpless against our desire.' . Same is the case with Iran and Afghnistan when Islam restrics normal natural romantic relations and culture allows paedophilia because honour of the family is only ruined by immodesty of women of family and not men. So if a boy is molested or raped , it does not matter, its ok as it does not affect the family’s honour. So my message is only that when Mullahs have no shame then why the civilised world should feel shame in defending Human Rights. In current times only unabashed  and strong voice against Islam is of Trump and trump only rest of the leaders of the world are pussies and they are gonna remain the same. UK, Sweden , France, Germany and Canada have completely surrendered the western values in favour of Islam. Lets hope trump survives all the vile attacks of Muslim Appeasing, left winged Insane Political elite only to take the world into the right direction.

Asad Mahmud 

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