Tuesday, 18 April 2017

I Agree With Sonu Nigam, Azan Is Noise Pollution

I Agree With Sonu Nigam Azan Is Noise Pollution

Recently Sonu Nigam, the famous Indian Musician and Singer, raised objections on the use of broad casting azan through the use of loud speakers. He is facing a backlash from general public and also from fellow Muslim Members of the Bollywood industry.
As an ex-Muslim I have direct experience of this noise. While living in Pakistan, where one is surrounded by mosques of various sects of Islam, with variation in azan pronouncement timings is constant torture to the mental and physical health.
From the time before dawn Mullahs from the different mosques starts their noisy rant one by one following their own timing of azan spesific to their sect is really a torturing treatment you get for being a Muslim. And you have no right to raise objections to that because you would be tagged as apostate, Murtad, Non-Muslim or something like that. They don't give you a right of being Human who is offended by the noise all the time and affected by it. What kind of God is Allah who does not care about the needs of simple human being but the pronouncement of azan is more Important to Him. Allah never cares about the people being treated in the hospitals who need total rest mentally and physically to recover. But Allah is so stubborn to ignore the Humans for the sake of pronouncement of Azan. Is it some kind of inferiority Complex which is being overcome by using the loud speakers for promoting faith. There were no loud speakers at the time of prophet Muhammad. So why we are being tortured by the use of them. 
We have never heard from Allah since long, supposedly, since the time of Prophet Muhammad. Not a single message came down from Allah which makes the existence of Allah itself doubtful. But who is giving orders now on Behalf of Allah and Muhammad is Bully Mullah. 
Muslims don't understand that Constant noise of azan in Muslim Countries has made them psychologically irritated. Its not only five times a day But different sect have different timings for azan so In Muslim Countries you are forced to hear five azans of five prayers almost twenty five times a day. Moreover the whole sermons of Friday Prayers are broadcasted through the loud speakers directly to the masses. And In ramadhan Bully Mullahs acquire the right to constant use of Loud speakers for 24 hours for 30 days. 
This creates a lot of unrest but no one understands the problem and if understands then afraid to say anything against it. Because the bully mullahs will brand him/her as Non-Mulim, Murtad, apostate, Infidel etc. You can read the personal experience of a Pakistani writer who tried to raise a voice against the use of speakers for azan in Pakistan here.
Islam is a religion of Tyrants, Bullies, Tormentors, just like the inventor of Islam , Prophet Muhammad, who was himself a scoundrel, a bully, a vandal. Because of these Bullies , ex-Muslims like me are unable to come out publicly and express ourselves. We have to behave in a certain way in order to be accepted by these Muslim Bullies. Who have no regard for Human Rights or Dignity. Their minds are shut and thoughts are limited. They cannot see beyond the veil of faith to find the Humanity. I am still waiting for Islam to leave and eternal peace to set in.

Asad Mahmud