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The freedom to speak my mind against the irrational teachings of Islam and illogical action of Muslims, I didn’t have for most of the part of my life. I was beaten and forced to lead my younger brothers and sisters in Prayers by my own parents because Allah ordered to do so.
Narrated Abdullah ibn Amr ibn al-'As:
The Messenger of Allah  said: Command your children to pray when they become seven years old, and beat them for it (prayer) when they become ten years old; and arrange their beds (to sleep) separately.( Sunan Abu Dawod 495, Book Reference: Book 2, Hadith 105, English Translation: Book 2, Hadith 495)

I tried to tell my parents that this thing was hurting me but they would not listen because they were scared of Allah and Hell-fire. They were trying to save me from hell-fire by making my life a living hell. They would not let me play outside of the house to keep me away from bad company or influence. But irony of the matter was, we were living in Pakistan and there were Muslims everywhere. My parents were not radicals but religious, though we never drew a line between Islam and radical Islam. We also never condemned Jihad because it was ordered by Allah, the creator of the World, as Muslims believe. I had so many questions in my mind as a child. If Allah has created the universe what was there before the creation of universe. Where did the Allah come from? Who is the creator of Allah. Whether Allah only rules over this world or all the planets of Universe. Is there any ruling cabinet of Allahs and many more but I was not allowed to ask any of such questions. My parents told me that Allah lived up there beyond the skies then I would think why we bow to the Kabba while Praying and definitely I was not allowed to ask that too. As per my parents, Allah sent his message to his prophet Muhammad, so we knew about Allah through that Prophet and his book which is called Quran, a literal word of Allah. Now we have to act upon the message of Allah without asking any Question but I was confused, I wanted some kind of satisfaction to the queries rising inside me, to strengthen my belief in Allah. Anyhow with the life I moved on, without getting any sort of answers from anywhere.

Anyhow as I grew older, I saw everywhere that people were going to mosques, offering prayers, all the time, as there was struggle for livelihood, to make the ends meet alongside there was also a struggle to be Good Muslims. Being a Good Muslim does not mean a Good Human being automatically. Because, a good Muslim, works for the cause of Allah and not himself. Causes of Allah are rather different than causes for Humanity. Every Muslim in Pakistan has his own form of Islam. Sunni is Good Muslim by acting on Sunni teachings of Islam. Shia is good Muslim by performing shia form of Islam. Wahabi is Good Muslim by performing Wahbi form of Islam. One Muslim belonging to one sect consider other Muslims belonging to other sects as to some extent kafir(Infidel). In Pakistan, being a good Human means becoming a good Muslim according to one’s preferred form of Islam. Human values have vanished into religious animosity among people.

As growing old and becoming part of the society, I could not make sense of it all in Pakistan. As Muslims we were suppose to be brothers and Sisters, but in Pakistan I have never seen an environment of harmony because of Islam. Where there are classifications of Poor, Middle class and rich People , alongside that there are religious classes, Sunni, Shia, Wahabi, Ahmadi, and that’s not all, a very well rooted cast system is also there, Syed, Rajpoot, Chadhary, Gujjar, too many classifications in only 18 crore of people. Syed or Sadaat are considered to be descendants of daughter of Prophet Muhammad and revered by people as superior cast.
During election people prefer the candidate belonging to their cast, religiously they prefer the person belonging to their sect, normally all poor and middle class people are treated like shit by the Government Officials and offices. But they all believe in Allah and also believe in All sort of the classes of society I mentioned above.
Islam is a big support for the corrupt politicians, who reap the benefits of these kind of classes and exploit people for their own purposes. For election purposes politicians only buy the religious leaders with great number of followers, who order their followers to support a certain candidate. Islam also works as protection for the politicians against any anti-government Movements.  Mullahs of Mosques preach every Muslim on every Friday Prayer that the reasons for the financial and other problems of Pakistan is not the corruption but their non-adherence  of Islam and Allah. Poor and middle class people of the Society are being indoctrinated by the religious Mullahs that this world is not worth living in. This world is full of problems and hardships, treat it as it is, just pray to Allah and have some patience. These Mullahs of Pakistan are the biggest tools who work in the favour of corrupt Government by keeping the nation sleeping and telling them to have patience against Government. But when it comes the issue of blasphemy, they all are unanimously raged and furious to teach a lesson to the blasphemer. As enraged and Unanimous Pakistani nation was at the death of Mumtaz Qadri, the Mudrere of Ex-Governor Punjab for his alleged blasphemy, If they use this rage and unanimity against the corrupt rulers, they can bring prosperity to Pakistan.

I was not able to speak my mind like this before because I was in a Muslim Country where people still believe that everything is happening because of Allah or Satan,  as was believed in 7the century Arabia. This is the impact of religion which is only working in the favour of corrupt elite.

I wanted to say it out loud that Islam Is causing a lot of Problems but I was not allowed. In fact the poorest of the poor would have killed me, if I had stood for their rights by blaming Islam for their situation. Religion has taken over the reason and blocked the minds from thinking further.

You still can see that Islam is acting the same way even in the west, Islam Just want you to respect Islam without going into any reasonable discussion about its veracity or roots. Islam, has destroyed the Human values in many countries, like Sadui Arab, UAE, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran.

People like me who feel suffocated under the Islamic rule are not allowed to speak because we are considered to be speaking against Allah, the so called, horrifying creator of Universe. Every reasonable discussion is stopped for one reason, the fear of Allah. Allah is so horrifying a God that he is not worth worshipping. People like me are considered apostates without giving any proof of the existence of Allah by Muslims. Christians, Jews, non-believers are considered kaafir without giving any proof of the existence of Allah. Muslims are not even willing to sort it out that who they are worshiping is a real God or not.

I found this freedom of speech very late in my life, in my thirties now. I am not willing to lose it now. I will speak against Islam and its tyranny till I have breath in my lungs, blood in my veins and soul in my body. This freedom is so precious that I am not letting Allah rob it again from me.

Asad Mahmud

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