Monday, 15 February 2016

Trump's Call For Ban On Muslims, Justified

Trump's Call For Ban On Muslims, Justified

U.S. Republican presidential contender Donald Trump seem to be the only voice speaking for all of the west for securing its liberal values against the onslaught of Muslim Refugees into Europe or US.
He does not care about bureaucracy, hypocrisy or political correctness. He is saying it bluntly, loud and clear that Islam can prove to be a threat for West and Merkel has made a mistake by Allowing Muslim Refugees. He is the only voice who is trying to protect the interest of  US citizens , European nations and at the same time extending a friendly hand towards Russia.
Donald Trump has been widely Criticized for his anti Muslims rhetoric and taking a stance which American nation has every right to take as against an Ideology which religiously Binds its followers to wage war on Christians , Jews, Atheist, agnostics and Non-believers which  can be found  plenty In America. It’s the same America whereaginst very well known Islamic Scholar (So Called) Dr. zaki Naik Said, “ if Usama Bin Laden is terrorizing the terrorist America, then I (Zakir Naik ) am with him” as if terrorizing america is religious duty.

To this date Dr.Zakir Naik is unable to call Usama Bin Laden, a terrorist watch the video.

Now the point  is, when the biggest Scholar of Muslim world is unable to call the biggest terrorist of the century , a terrorist, for religious reasons, then Trump is damn Right.

On the other hand why Muslims are criticizing Trump, they have no ground to stand upon as they follow the same law and uphold the same values as Usama Bin Laden’s or at least as Dr Zakir Naik’s. Moreover why they don’t criticize those Muslim, Well-Off, countries which have refused to take in even a Single Muslim refugee for security reasons i.e. they don’t wanna take in any terrorist in the garb of refugee. 

Yes Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar and Kuwait refused to take refugees for the safety concerns. If Muslim countries feel threatened by Muslims then western countries are way more in danger. If Muslims have not criticized the Arab countries for their hypocrite behavior then how they can criticize Trump. Actually Muslims apply thug Policy everywhere, first they ask for sympathy and when you let them in then they wish to rule the Country.

When a so called scholarly person like Dr. Naik cannot go beyond the ambit of Quran and dare to call Usama Bin Laden, a terrorist, then what to talk of Ordinary Muslims,  they would only follow the foot steps of Dr. Naik. Dr Naik's video clearly explains how its religiously impossible for Muslims to consider Laden as Terrorist. Muslims cannot call laden, a terrorist, based on religious reasons in the same manner as Al-Azhar University cannot renounce ISIS as Apostates. They are all the same.
In the wake of this scenario, who is speaking for all of the west including EU and US. Only Donald Trump. Who still speaks freely and believes in freedom of speech. While Merkel on the other hand is trying to make some policy with the help of Mark Zukerberg to prevent anti Muslims remarks on Facebook

West is west i.e. developed and intellectually rich, because of the right to question everything Including religion. Start to believe religious books as un-rebuttable truth and forget the development of any sort because every religious book has its own theory of creation which if believed would have been a stopping point for any research or scientific development. Forget string theory, dark matter or quantum mechanics, none has been defined in the religious scriptures and of course “Law Of Attraction”.

In order to develop a secular multicultural liberal societies, west is striving hard by treating Muslims as Humans and allowing them a chance to blend in the society but on the other hand, Muslims consider Jews, Pigs and Apes, and social allowance of christian countries as Jizya( Tax money paid by Christians to Muslims, for allowing Christians to practice their religion). Islam is a totalitarian ideology which snatches the right to question from its followers and instill in them a belief which makes them blind to the rationale and reasoned arguments. So let me cut short and say, if you stand by the reason, rationale, development, liberalism, Multiculturalism, human rights and safety of your country, then listen to Trump, he is the answer to your queries and concerns. Till next time, stay blessed.

Asad Mahmud

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