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Muslims are the worst form of Humans on the face of the earth. Ok I will exclude the so called, moderate and liberal Muslims. But the ones who are trying to enforce Islam and trying to spread it as a Religion of Uppermost form are the vile of creatures. If you don’t like the way I am talking about Muslims let me mention you an enlightening quotation from Quran. The exalted Allah in his most possibly ethical way says in Quran 98.6 that, “Those who reject (Truth), among the People of the Book and among the Polytheists, will be in Hell-Fire, to dwell therein (for aye). They are the worst of creatures.” 

It seems as if I am following the way of speaking as Allah speaks about polytheists. If Muslims cannot present their God as the Moral standard for speaking to the people then who else they can present. Anyways today’s topic is about the hypocrisy and the dual standards of the Muslims world. Which I believe is the worst kind of Hypocrisy resulting into abuse of millions of believers of Islam. But they are so blinded by faith that they don’t understand the game played by these so called and self-proclaimed clerics/ Islamic preachers.
On one side Islam proves itself to be the harshest religion for fornicators and adulterers as it prescribes lashes for fornication (Quran 24/2) and stoning to death for adulterers Bukhari (6:60:79) , Bukhari (83:37), Muslim (17:4192), and there are many other Ahadith pointing towards the stoning death penalty for adulterers. A very strict view for the adulterers and fornicators, lash them , kill them in front of people.

On the other hands Quran does not mention the age of female, eligible for marriage. Quran 65.4, “And those who no longer expect menstruation among your women - if you doubt, then their period is three months, and [also for] those who have not menstruated. And for those who are pregnant, their term is until they give birth. And whoever fears Allah - He will make for him of his matter ease”. This verse specifically deals with the waiting period for women or girls after their divorce before marrying another guy. This verse clearly prescribes three months waiting period for a girl who has not menstruated yet but divorced by his husband. Clear hypocrisy by Allah to tear the small girls apart as young as playing in the cradle.

No one has a problem with that, everyone is willing to oblige as every Muslim wants to enjoy the “Tight Virgins” Regardless of the agony and pain they afflict to them. The same thing has been promised to them in the after life “eternal virgins”.

Some of them are lucky enough to enjoy tight virgins in this life as young as 9 years old just like their Prophet did. Prophet married aisha when she was 6 and consummated the marriage when she was 9 years old. Imam Khumaini, the Key figure of Iran revolution, gave a fatwa about young girls that if she is so young that you cannot penetrate her vaginally then penetrate her anally.Wikipedia also mentioned this article but due to the threatening behaviour of Muslims mentioned it in a way that they wanted to remove this section because of its absurdity. If its not so convincing for you then you will find the detailed references of the incident when Imam Khumaini spent night with four years old here. She kept on screaming all night because he must have penetrated her anally as per his own fatwa. Moreover introduction of Anal Jihad fatwa or incest jihad fatwa by these Muslim clerics is height of absurdity. 

Child sexual abuse is rampant in the madrassas by their own religious teachers. According to one statement of Minister of religious affairs in Pakistan, in 2004 there were 500 cases of sexual abuse of students by their religious teachers which were reported. According to the report of The Muslim Parliament Of Great Britain published in 2006 upto 100,000 students of religious madrassas were at the risk of physical or sexual abuse. 

Very recently a big scandal was unearthed in Pakistan, notorious with the name of “Qasoor Scandal”. Which is also considered to be the largest ever child abuse scandal of Pakistan’s history. 400 videos of more than 280 children, male and female included, of sexual abuse were made and sold to the international market. These videos were also being used to blackmail the parents of children for extracting money from them. Brothers of Member of Provincial Assembly of the ruling party, named Malik Ahmed Saeed, were directly involved in the scandal as the influential hand behind the network but the ruling party in front of masses of Pakistan said, “Its no big deal, It happens very often in Pakistan”

Not a single fatwa by any Muslims cleric of Pakistan or Any voice of protest on such a big scale child abuse scandal. Why because they themselves are the perpetrators sometimes as an Imaam of mosque sometimes as a “peer”(A religious revered person who has followers) sometimes as a mere Muslim who wants to enjoy “tight Virgins” Or “tight young boys”. How dare I say that? I am saying so because when Pakistan tried to set the age limit of females for marriage, The Counsel of Islamic ideology opposed the law and declared it un-Islamic because it’s the dream of every Muslim male to enjoy “Tight Virgins”. Hypocrisy of Muslims is not limited to sexual abuse but also to the other aspects of life. A very well known Islamic preacher and scholar of Pakistan who is head of Dar Ul Ifta ( Islamic counsel which issues decrees regarding Islamic problems), Maulana tahir Ashrafi, was caught drunk in his car in 2012 by law Enforcement Agencies while he was on his way back from a party of a foreign embassy whereas alcohol is strictly forbidden(Haraam) as per Islamic teachings.

On the same path, son of a very Popular religious and Political leader in Pakistan, Named Maulana fazl Ur Rehman was caught dancing with a female on music in a video recorded by some cell phone. Joint (Male Female) gathering and then girl without Hijab also dancing with son of Maulana fazl Ur rehman on Some Sort of Music, ALL HARRAM, but typical hypocrisy, so no one cares. 

On the same lines when some britich Muslims released a video in which Muslims Males and females can be seen dancing as a project to portray a soft image of Islam in 2004 it was objected to by the Radical Quarters and clerics of islam as being Haram
Talking of clerics, how can I forget the great distorter of Quran, the most respected and revered Mr. Dr. Zakir Naik, who keeps an eye on the new developments of science and then distorts the meaning of Qur’anic verses in order to bring them in conformity with new scientific developments regardless of the fact that Whole of Arab, people of language are insisting on the other meaning of the verse but Zakir Naik would remain insistent on his own distorted version of the Quran. When whole of the Arab believes earth as flat Dr. Zakir Naik grabs a word from quran and tries to prove earth as egg-shaped, not round. A Native arab refuted Dr Naik’s claims in his own video in order to tell us what is the real meaning of the verses of quran.

Anyhow here I just want to mention two occasions where Dr. Naik proved himself to be the traditional hypocrite Muslim. You might have seen those videos of Dr.Naik but it will not harm anyone (and not Haraam also) if I mention them here again. At one occasion Dr. Naik said in his speech that “Every Muslim should be a terrorist” specifically if he is fighting against America, later on when the Muslims’ terrorist activities world wide shattered the peace of the World then he was asked again to explain his previous incitement  of terrorism, he simply said it was out of context. On another occasion when he was on a Pakistani TV channel, he was asked, why the Muslim Governments do not allow construction of Churches, Dr. Naik replied, “When you hire a teacher for school then you would hire the one who teaches two plus two as four and not the one who teaches wrongly as two plus two is equal to five or three”. In other words he said that, Christianity was as false as two plus two is equal to five. While on another occasion when he was addressing western Christian audience he answered the same question in a way to avoid it by saying, “ It depends on the Government, you should ask the governments, why they don’t allow”. Such a hypocrite and a Distorter.

Another Phenomenon which is equally popular among Muslim governments and individuals, the phenomenon of seeking financial, scientific, moral or every kind of help from the west. Muslims countries are not as advanced in any aspect of life as their western counterparts. Most of the Muslim countries survive on the financial aid by the western countries, IMF and world bank. 

While Quran Clearly says that Muslims cant seek the help of Jews and Christians. Quran 5.51, "O you who have believed, do not take the Jews and the Christians as allies. They are [in fact] allies of one another. And whoever is an ally to them among you - then indeed, he is [one] of them. Indeed, Allah guides not the wrongdoing people". Quran 4.97, "While taking the souls of those who were engaged in wronging themselves, the angels asked: 'In what circumstances were you?' They replied: 'We were too weak and helpless in the land.' The angels said: 'Was not the earth of Allah wide enough for you to emigrate in it?' For such men their refuge is Hell - an evil destination indeed". Allah is ordering to immigrate from the land of Non-believers.But in spite of the clear prohibition of Islam, Muslims can't Ignore the temptation of living in a developed countries, who are developed because they have not declared science and advancement in science as Haraam. Whereas most of the Muslims countries are not developed because the clerics of the Muslim World have declared development in culture, science  and arts as Haraam. Now Muslims run from their own countries and take refuge in developed countries and then start their ignorant rant, " We want Sharia In Britain, America, Europe". Ignorant Hypocrites.

There are other things also in Islam like you are not allowed to lie but for the purpose of spreading Islam you can lie. You can’t eat Harram but in the time of extreme need you can. Numerous things can be mentioned about various religious authorities about hypocrisy but let’s forget everyone else and talk about The Prophet Muhammad, was he a hypocrite? Let’s read a few ahadith.

It was narrated that Jabir said:
"The Messenger of Allah forbade facing the Qiblah when urinating. But I saw him, one year before he died, facing the Qiblah (while urinating)." (Sunan Ibn Maja English reference :Vol.1, Book 1, hadith 325, Arabic Reference : Book1, hadith 348)

Another hadith wherein the prophet forbade people to urinate while standing.

It was narrated that 'Umar said:
"The Messenger of Allah saw me urinating while standing, and he said: 'O 'Umar, do not urinate standing up.' So I never urinated whilst standing after that." (Sunan Ibn maja  English reference : Vol.1, Book 1, hadith 308, Arabic reference : Book 1, hadith 328)

But prophet was found to be urinating while standing himself.

Narrated Hudhaifa:
I saw Allah's Messenger coming (or the Prophet came) to the dumps of some people and urinated there while standing .( Sahih Bukhari 2471 Book Reference :Book 46, Hadith 32, English reference : Vol.3, Book 43, hadith 651)

Now what can I, say above are a few examples from the life of Prophet Muhammad. To follow prophet Muhammad in his each and every act is a source of blessing for Muslims and also ordered by Quran. Life of Prophet Muhammad has been pronounced best example by Allah for every Muslim. Then why would you be surprised to see Muslims’ hypocrisy. They are just following the example set by their Prophet, which they are obligated to follow as a religious duty. Till next time stay blessed.

Asad Mahmud


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  3. Just what Merkel Sturgeon and clinton want for us. Under sheik obama.


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