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Shame On Muslims……Shame On Muslims

Shame On Muslims……Shame On Muslims

Kuwaiti Official Fahad Al Shalami is explaining the reason for not taking in Refugees, what’s the reason, “ We are too valuable to Accept refugees as we are too expensive for them. Its not right for us to accept people, different from us and we also don’t want traumatized people in our countries”.
I just wanna shout at the top of my voice, “Shame On Muslims, Shame On Muslims” for considering themselves too valuable to deal with traumatized Muslims. The Spirit behind the Religion of Islam is for sure an evil spirit. Do you find any hint of humanity in this reason offered by Mr. Fahad Al Shalami. Do you know why he is calling them different people because they belong to different sect of Islam than Gulf Countries. These so called followers of "religion of peace" cannot withstand mere presence of the people belonging to different sect of Isalm and they are dreaming about developing a world wide Muslim caliphate. They cant live peacefully in one country but they are accustomed to talk big.Whereas EU has not refused anyone because they are "different people" or they belong to a religion which preaches hatred and orders killing for Jews and Christians. On humanitarian scale EU people are way higher than self-proclaimed superior breed of humans i.e. Gulf Muslims. 
And this is not it guys. Just when you are trying to absorb this nonsense reason for not taking in Refugees, you are showered with more Nonsense by “The Most Highly Intelligent and Superior Human Beings" that  we fear terrorism. Do you get it? why Muslim Countries are fearing terrorism while Quran teaches to wage war on Non-Muslims only. How can Muslim countries fear other Muslims and why would Muslim terrorists want to cause destruction in another Muslim country. This fear seems baseless. 
But in-fact these Muslim Countries are not trying to be “politically Correct” in being  “religiously Racist” or “Islamophobe” towards their fellow Muslims because their Prophet Muhammad had told them already that, “My nation will divide into seventy three sects but Only One Sect will go to Jannah (Paradise). Yes sectarian Violence,  they fear sectarian violence if they allow refugees.
Abu `Amir al-Hawdhani said:
Mu`awiyah b. Abi Sufiyan stood among us and said: Beware! The Apostle of Allah stood among us and said: Beware! The people of the Book before were split up into seventy two sects, and this community will be split into seventy three: seventy two of them will go to Hell and one of them will go to Paradise, and it is the majority group.
Ibn Yahya and `Amr added in their version : “ There will appear among my community people who will be dominated by desires like rabies which penetrates its patient”, `Amr’s version has: “penetrates its patient. There remains no vein and no joint but it penetrates it.”( Sunan Abu Dawood 4597, Book Reference : Book 42, hadith 2, English Reference: Book 41, hadith 4580)

Why only one sect, according to my research Allah’s paradise is short of space but leave that topic for some other day and lets discus the topic at hand. Now when only one Sect of the seventy three sects is “Real Muslims” then how to deal with the other sects. Lets read from the “Holiest of the Holy Book” Quran how Allah guides Muslims to deal with them.

What is [the matter] with you [that you are] two groups concerning the hypocrites, while Allah has made them fall back [into error and disbelief] for what they earned. Do you wish to guide those whom Allah has sent astray? And he whom Allah sends astray - never will you find for him a way [of guidance]. They wish you would disbelieve as they disbelieved so you would be alike. So do not take from among them allies until they emigrate for the cause of Allah. But if they turn away, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them and take not from among them any ally or helper. ( Quran chapter 4 verse 88-89)

"Say, "Obey Allah and the Messenger." But if they turn away - then indeed, Allah does not like the disbelievers.(Quran chapter 3 verse 32)

Prophet of Islam in his own “enlightened wisdom”  bragged about his inside knowledge regarding seventy three sects of Islam which was really uncalled for, and shared the same with the Ummah (Nation) declaring thereby other Seventy Two sects as Kafir. Allah gave the solution about how to deal with them by claiming the responsibility of misguiding them into Error for Himself. Here is chart of the percentage of Sunni Muslims who consider Shias, Kafir researched by pew in 2012.

We perceive from efforts of this Coalition of Prophet Of Islam and Allah of Islam that they are themselves the reason of sectarian violence among Muslims. Now Gulf rulers only fear the sectarian terrorism in their countries that’s is why they are not allowing any Muslim refugees.

What’s wrong with EU i.e. they are not judging the Muslims by their religion and allowing them into Europe only on humanitarian basis which obviously lacks in the Spirit of Islam, in spite of the fact that EU’s own security is endangered and it’s literally on the verge of total financial and cultural collapse due to this Migration crises.

Here is the chart of top Twenty  Financial Supporter countries of  Syrian refugees.

I can say only "Shame on Muslims , Shame on Muslims". I was feeling suffocated due to the mean hypocrite attitude of Muslim countries towards their Refugee Muslim brothers and sisters, wanted to let it out. It’s the least, as a human being, I can do to give a wake up call to those who still can see beyond the veil of faith, the light of truth and joy of Humanity. Till next time, stay blessed and safe.

Asad Mahmud

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Are You Sexually Depraved, Come Join ISIS

Are You Sexually Depraved, Come Join ISIS

No No! I am not a new recruiter for ISIS, please don’t send your applications to me. Neither am I recruiting nor advertising for them. I am just suggesting that sexual depravity of Muslim teens could be a reason for joining ISIS like organizations. Sexual pleasure or satisfaction is a need of the body and this fact cannot be denied, “Easily”. But as far as Islam is concerned, it puts strict restrictions on males and females so much so that they can’t even talk or see other Na-Mehram( one who is not close blood relative like mother, sister, brother, father, daughter etc.). 

As per Islam first glance at Na-mehram is ok, while second Glance is haraam, so next time if any female among you find some Muslim guy gazing at you, immediately you must understand that its his first Glance and he is prolonging it as the first one is not haraam.

Because of this strange Phenomenon of so called absolute purity, absurd things happen in Muslim world. As the Women cannot talk or work with Na-Mehram males so another glorious solution by The Glorious Islam is that women should breast feed the male to make him Mehram. And for making Mehram one suckling is not enough, female should suckle the male ten times or at least five times. 

Yes a grown man can talk to or work around a grown woman only if she breastfeeds him at least five times. As per Aisha, the beloved wife of the Prophet Muhammad, this was part of Quran earlier but before the addition of same, Prophet died, Thank God, otherwise it could have created a horny mess among Muslim teens, male and females. This fact of suckling is so bizarre and interesting that I can not leave mere links to the references in my blog, they are worth mentioning in the blog.
Zainab bint Abi Salamah said:
"I heard 'Aisha, the wife of the Prophet say: 'Sahlah bint Suhail came to the Messenger of Allah and said: 'O Messenger of Allah, I see (displeasure) in the face of Abu Hudhaifah when Salim enters upon me.' The Messenger of Allah said: 'Breast-feed him.' She said: 'He has a beard.' He said: 'Breast-feed him, and that will take away (the displeasure) in the face of Abu Hudhaifah.' She said: 'By Allah, I never saw that on the face of Abu Hudhaifah after that.'"(Sunan Nisai 3319, Book Reference: Book 26, hadith 124, English Translation; Vol.4, Book 26, hadith, 3321)

Yahya related to me from Malik from Nafi that Safiyya bint Abi Ubayd told him that Hafsa, umm al-muminin, sent Asim ibn Abdullah ibn Sad to her sister Fatima bint Umar ibn al-Khattab for her to suckle him ten times so that he could come in to see her. She did it, so he used to come in to see her.( Mauta Malik , English Reference : Book 30, hadith 8, Arabic Reference: Book 30, hadith 1282)

'A'isha (Allah be pleased with, her) reported that it had been revealed in the Holy Qur'an that ten clear sucklings make the marriage unlawful, then it was abrogated (and substituted) by five sucklings and Allah's Apostle (ﷺ) died and it was before that time (found) in the Holy Qur'an (and recited by the Muslims).( Sahih Muslim 1452a, Book Reference: Book 17, Hadith 30, English Reference: Book 8, hadith 3421)

Basing on these glorious teachings of Islam when head of department of Hadith of Alazhar (Glorious) University Of Islam from Egypt, Dr. Izzat Attya, gave a Ruling( Decree) that In order to put an end to discomfort in the working environment between jointly working males and females, females should breastfeed males at least five times, then why the President of the University called it Disgrace of Islam. 

According to me the President of the University has blasphemed The Prophet Muhammad by saying his teachings as Disgrace of Islam. Dr. Izzat Attya only ruled on the Basis of what Prophet Muhammad said, so indirectly President of the Al-Azhar University called the teachings of Prophet Muhammad, a disgrace to Islam, how dare he could do that, bloody Ignorant Blasphemer.  Such kind of so called educated people like President of Al-Azhar University should read Islamic books more often to learn what real Islam is, Ignorant fools. He should have honoured Dr. Izzat Attya with another honorary Doctorate on issuing such a Glorious Solution to such a Rigorous problem. And on a second thought, the girls who are not producing milk yet should not be allowed to work in a co-environment, it’s my personal view, I could not find any Islamic reference to that.

Anyhow, lets get back to the topic of the day, recruitment of ISIS due to Sexual Urge. I will start with a statement of a Girl, living in UK and observing on daily basis how young boys and girls start to engage in physical relationships from teenage but she cannot do that due to the restriction imposed by Islam. She can only think of Physical pleasure after marriage which does not seem to be happening in anytime soon (I am not supporting here extra-marital relationships). 

She cannot express her wish of marriage to her parents because of her shyness and taboos attached to such kind of wish by Muslim girls in Muslim environment. 

So what is the best way to express this wish which could sound like a pious deed as in to be done for the sake of Allah, i.e. wish to marry a Mujahid or to offer oneself for sexual Jihad( All in the name of Allah, not at all a personal wish, not sinful, not personal). So what this girls said is,
I so badly want to go to raqqah and live under the shariah and live in the land of khilafa but as a young muslimah in the uk it's rly difficult, it hurts my heart to live here. I yearn to be the wife of a mujahid and support him and khilafa all the way.”

How virtuous, how pious, how religious and how cute, isn’t she. She wishes to be the wife of Mujahid and support him All the way. Now, no one can blame her of being sinful and shameless. Even otherwise how difficult it is, now a days to find a suitable mate, the one who is presentable enough (well earning, matching your age, handsome) to be presented with pride to your family, friends and colleagues and at the same time nice to you also. In the same manner, how difficult it is for Muslim males to get education, good job, a house and then getting married very late in age. So better solutions would be, going to a place where you can find your physical satisfaction without having to go through all the financial problems or facing all social taboos attached, unquestioningly and unjudged by anyone.

So let’s Join ISIS because you will find British, Austrlian and Malysian women over there for Physical pleasure. 

You will find beautiful Yazidi Women over there as sex slaves which can be sold and purchased, enabling you to enjoy as many sexual partners as you “desire”.  

And if you are really “well of” right now then you can take some of your credit cards with you so that soon after you join ISIS you will be able to purchase a few sex slaves immediately. You can also sell those women to other rich Muslims (bastards) for gaining manifold profit. 

Moreover ISIS will provide you with young unmarried girls of local Muslims snatched from them for the fulfillment of Sexual Jihad duties. 

But unfortunately if you are not wealthy enough to buy or enjoy the “Mujahida Virgins”, don’t get disappointed, ISIS has a solution to that, you will be provided with young boys to fulfil your physical needs so that you can concentrate completely on the Greater duty of Jihad for the establishment of caliphate of Allah, because so far Allah has been unable to rule the world due to non-availability of caliphate of Muslims. So in order to enable Allah to rule the whole world, it’s very important that a world wide caliphate should be established and for that sake if you sacrifice your “ass”, its nothing.  

You must be thinking, it’s some sort of joke or irony, no, it’s reality. Imagine living in a Muslim society where even talking about marriage is Taboo. In a convention about Muslim Marriages, a Muslim woman laments in such a manner on the taboo aspect of wish of marriage, “Another troubling point brought up by Muslims across the diaspora was the desperation angle. If a single Muslim woman of any age expresses interest in getting married she has to deal with the stigma of appearing desperate. This is very damaging to the psyche of the sisters in the community.” ‘OH my God, she wants to be married, she is so desperate –  astagfirullah…' this popular statement comes mostly from married females when a single Muslimah shares with her that she wants to be married!! Even [those] who were once in the same situation… it's like, as a community, we don't have each other's back anymore,” laments Naeema*

In a Muslim environment young boys and girls can’t even look at each other, they can’t enjoy many of the delights of normal life while living in a restrictive environment especially living in a poor economy i.e. unable to afford marriage or house and unable to enjoy any kind of pleasures of developed economy or rich life.

Then what’s the option left for them other than joining a terrorist organization and enjoying everything including some monthly income for that. Here I would like to add a comment of a poor Muslim who generally talking to a columnist commented in a way about Jihad for finances that, "That we are in poverty -- is it not due to our abandonment of jihad? But if we could conduct one, two, or three jihadist operations every year, many people would become Muslims throughout the world."Alheweny added that whoever "stood in our way, we would fight against him and take him prisoner, and confiscate his wealth, his children, and his women -- all of this means money. Every mujahid [jihadist] who returned from jihad, his pockets would be full."

I am not saying that everyone has the same preference but generally Muslim countries are so restrictive regarding preserving virginity and sexual abstinence that young boys and girls adopt unnatural ways to satisfy and relieve themselves off of the physical need. Here is a personal account of Tahmineh from Iran who is virgin but enjoys the pleasure of physical need through “backdoor” way. She also describes how many other girls are doing the same. The unmarried girls who does not opt for the unnatural way of Physical Satisfaction, they undergo hymen reconstruction operation before marriage.
This Phenomenon of reconstruction of Hymen and Virginity related taboos is same in the Muslim communities residing in western countries. In Sweden a footage revealed, how Muslim families force their young girls to go through a virginity test to check their sexual activities, its extreme. An article on the same subject concludes how Muslim females spend a double life in EU countries in such words, “Young Muslim women are often forced to lead double lives in Europe. They have sex in public restrooms and stuff mobile phones in their bras to hide their secret existences from strict families. They are often forbidden from visiting gynecologists or receiving sex ed. In the worst cases, they undergo hymen reconstruction surgery, have late-term abortions or even commit suicide”.

Such a horrible restrictive environment where everybody considers you immoral on expressing the wish of marriage then what looks attractive, Qur’an says women who engage in sexual jihad will gain Paradise. Yeah in such an environment ISIS’s call for sex looks very attractive when no one can blame you of having impure desires and thoughts. Yeah let’s do that , lets join ISIS where no one would judge you, no one would blame you of being immoral, no one would question your character, no one would consider you sinful and disobedient to Allah. Lets be pious, lets be virtuous, lets be righteous, lets join ISIS, where we can get all, all in the name of Allah, the most beneficent, the most merciful. Till next time, stay blessed and safe.

Note : Above article is a Satire and not an invitation to Join ISIS.

Asad Mahmud

Monday, 15 February 2016

Trump's Call For Ban On Muslims, Justified

Trump's Call For Ban On Muslims, Justified

U.S. Republican presidential contender Donald Trump seem to be the only voice speaking for all of the west for securing its liberal values against the onslaught of Muslim Refugees into Europe or US.
He does not care about bureaucracy, hypocrisy or political correctness. He is saying it bluntly, loud and clear that Islam can prove to be a threat for West and Merkel has made a mistake by Allowing Muslim Refugees. He is the only voice who is trying to protect the interest of  US citizens , European nations and at the same time extending a friendly hand towards Russia.
Donald Trump has been widely Criticized for his anti Muslims rhetoric and taking a stance which American nation has every right to take as against an Ideology which religiously Binds its followers to wage war on Christians , Jews, Atheist, agnostics and Non-believers which  can be found  plenty In America. It’s the same America whereaginst very well known Islamic Scholar (So Called) Dr. zaki Naik Said, “ if Usama Bin Laden is terrorizing the terrorist America, then I (Zakir Naik ) am with him” as if terrorizing america is religious duty.

To this date Dr.Zakir Naik is unable to call Usama Bin Laden, a terrorist watch the video.

Now the point  is, when the biggest Scholar of Muslim world is unable to call the biggest terrorist of the century , a terrorist, for religious reasons, then Trump is damn Right.

On the other hand why Muslims are criticizing Trump, they have no ground to stand upon as they follow the same law and uphold the same values as Usama Bin Laden’s or at least as Dr Zakir Naik’s. Moreover why they don’t criticize those Muslim, Well-Off, countries which have refused to take in even a Single Muslim refugee for security reasons i.e. they don’t wanna take in any terrorist in the garb of refugee. 

Yes Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar and Kuwait refused to take refugees for the safety concerns. If Muslim countries feel threatened by Muslims then western countries are way more in danger. If Muslims have not criticized the Arab countries for their hypocrite behavior then how they can criticize Trump. Actually Muslims apply thug Policy everywhere, first they ask for sympathy and when you let them in then they wish to rule the Country.

When a so called scholarly person like Dr. Naik cannot go beyond the ambit of Quran and dare to call Usama Bin Laden, a terrorist, then what to talk of Ordinary Muslims,  they would only follow the foot steps of Dr. Naik. Dr Naik's video clearly explains how its religiously impossible for Muslims to consider Laden as Terrorist. Muslims cannot call laden, a terrorist, based on religious reasons in the same manner as Al-Azhar University cannot renounce ISIS as Apostates. They are all the same.
In the wake of this scenario, who is speaking for all of the west including EU and US. Only Donald Trump. Who still speaks freely and believes in freedom of speech. While Merkel on the other hand is trying to make some policy with the help of Mark Zukerberg to prevent anti Muslims remarks on Facebook

West is west i.e. developed and intellectually rich, because of the right to question everything Including religion. Start to believe religious books as un-rebuttable truth and forget the development of any sort because every religious book has its own theory of creation which if believed would have been a stopping point for any research or scientific development. Forget string theory, dark matter or quantum mechanics, none has been defined in the religious scriptures and of course “Law Of Attraction”.

In order to develop a secular multicultural liberal societies, west is striving hard by treating Muslims as Humans and allowing them a chance to blend in the society but on the other hand, Muslims consider Jews, Pigs and Apes, and social allowance of christian countries as Jizya( Tax money paid by Christians to Muslims, for allowing Christians to practice their religion). Islam is a totalitarian ideology which snatches the right to question from its followers and instill in them a belief which makes them blind to the rationale and reasoned arguments. So let me cut short and say, if you stand by the reason, rationale, development, liberalism, Multiculturalism, human rights and safety of your country, then listen to Trump, he is the answer to your queries and concerns. Till next time, stay blessed.

Asad Mahmud

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Beware! Next Time You See Eclipse, It's Judgment Day

Beware! Next Time You See Eclipse, It's Judgment Day

This prediction is not for all of the mankind. Its only for Muslims, why, I will definitely explain in the same Article, don’t worry and don’t be impatient.
Last time when you heard this rant, it was before 21st of December 2012 when all over the world, people were in fear of the imminent arrival of the “judgment day” on 21st December 2012. A lot of people who believed in the advanced knowledge of the Mayan Civilization were in grave fear of the imminent apocalypse on 21st December just because Mayans ended their calendar on the 21st December 2012 and didn’t prolong it further. 
These horrified people were not thinking about any other possibility which could be the reason of that sudden end of Mayan calendar. Mayans might have thought that, “ we already have wasted a lot of time in making a  nonsense future calendar up to 21st December 2012 , what’s the use of that, enough is enough” or, they might be out of tools they were using to scribe all the Calendar or the person who was scribing it on stone must have died, who didn’t have anything else to do in his life so he started it as a hobby. Or there is another Far more rational reason “Allah told them the date of “judgment day” as 21st December 2012 but later on changed His mind”.

Oh, if Mayans were not the believers of Allah then who was hmmm, Prophet Muhammad. Prophet Muhammad was not sure about the date of Judgment Day. He surmised or I must say predicted various dates and times for the arrival of Judgment Day. I am going to discuss here a few. In the times of Prophet Muhammad, things used to happen either because of Allah, Angels, Satan, Demons or Jinns. 
There was no plausible reason for anything so there was always anyone of them to blame. Behind every happening, there was some good force of Allah or Evil force of Satan. Like when you see swirling wind then its procession of Gabriel. When you see moving clouds then an angel is telling them to beat it. If you see a shooting stars then its defense system of Allah against every approaching demons trying to sneak into heaven.Thank God and thanks to Allah that He does not shoot those missiles on the Satellites launched by America, Russia or any Cellular company otherwise humanity would have suffered losses amounting to billions. How merciful Allah is.
Oh I Again swayed into the Praise of Magnificence of Allah. Come back to the point “End Is Near, why, don’t You Fear”? Am I holding a play card ? Am I kidding? Am I on drugs? Am I drunk ?
No, Not at all. Actually I was skimming through the Books of Ahadith when I found some earth shattering ahadith in “literal sense” as they are about shattering the earth into pieces. Before proceeding further I wanna say this is the irony of fate that when I was a staunch believer in Muslims faith I did not try to read my religious books. Now when I am not fond of Islam, I read it ever than before.
As I mentioned earlier, Prophet Muhammad was not sure about the Judgment Day, so whenever he saw something strange happening, he considered it a sign of  the last day or something like that.  Don’t forget Prophet Muhammad said all those things which I mentioned hereinabove to be happening because of certain unseen forces. So in the same way about the eclipse, solar or Lunar, he believed that it could be the sign of Last hour or it could be hour itself, lets read and try to learn something.

Narrated Abu Musa:
The sun eclipsed and the Prophet got up, being afraid that it might be the Hour (i.e. Day of Judgment). He went to the Mosque and offered the prayer with the longest Qiyam, bowing and prostration that I had ever seen him doing. Then he said, "These signs which Allah sends do not occur because of the life or death of somebody, but Allah makes His worshipers afraid by them. So when you see anything thereof, proceed to remember Allah, invoke Him and ask for His forgiveness." ( Sahih Bukhari 1059, Book reference : Book16, Hadith 18, English Reference: Vol.2, Book 18, Hadith 167)
It was narrated that Abu Musa said:
"There was an eclipse of the sun, and the Messenger of Allah, got up in a rush, fearing that it might be the Hour. He went to the masjid, where he stood and prayed, standing, bowing and prostrating for the longest time that I ever saw him do in prayer. Then he said: 'These signs that Allah (SWT) sends do not occur for the death or birth of anyone, but Allah (SWT) sends them to strike fear into His slaves. If you see any of these things, then hasten to remember Him, call upon Him supplicate and ask for His forgiveness.'"(Sunan Nisai 1503, Book reference: Book 16, hadith 45, English Translation : Vol.2, Book 16, Hadith 1504)
 Ok, ok I believe you. It was the time of the last hour but because of the “immediate prayers” of the Prophet, God saved the earth from shattering into pieces, a miracle, ok. But the Prophet was so scared of the Solar or Lunar eclipse that he advised his follower to manumit slaves during eclipse, in order to avoid the wrath of Allah.

Narrated Asma:
No doubt the Prophet ordered people to manumit slaves during the solar eclipse.( Sahih Bukhari 1054, Book Reference: Book 16, Hadith 14, English Reference: Vol.2, Book 18, Hadith 163)

Sometimes even the fast wind was a sign of Wrath of Allah

Narrated Anas:
Whenever a strong wind blew, anxiety appeared on the face of the Prophet (fearing that wind might be a sign of Allah's wrath).( Sahih Bukhari 1034, Book Reference: Book 15, Hadith 29, English Reference : Vol.2, Book 17, Hadih144)

You must be convinced by now that Allah never took His prophet into confidence about happening of certain things. Like Allah never disclosed the date of Apocalypse to his Prophet. Whenever Prophet looked into sky and there was nothing but a clear sky then Allah was happy and whenever  some fast wind blew or some eclipse happened then Allah was not happy, but Allah never confided into his beloved Prophet about whether He was happy or not. So prophet was left in doldrums to draw his own conclusions about those unexplainable things, which does not seem nice. When a person( prophet ) took a stand for You ( Allah) by going against the traditional deities of that time then in return as a nice gesture you ( Allah ) must have confided in him. Not good, not at all. Your own prophet is trying to judge your mood by looking at the sky and you are not helping him at all. 
While on the other hand You are so attentive that whenever a demon tries to sneak into heaven, you fire a “shooting star missile” and kill that demon. Not good, not at all. 

It’s not funny, Prophet Muhammad went against his tribe, went through numerous ordeals, faced the disgust and mockery of the People But Allah did not tell the reason of the Eclipse to His own beloved Prophet. Just because of that, Muslims had to wait 1400 years for the science to explore the real reason behind the Solar or Lunar eclipse. When Allah could tell about how sun sets in the water(Quran 18, 83-86), how it revolves around the earth, how shooting stars are missiles( Quran15, 18), then this secret of Eclipse could have been exposed in Quran. Just because of that one small mistake now Muslims have to listen to the nonsense of the scientists about eclipses. I am badly disappointed. Let’s see what bullshit science has to tell us about eclipses.
A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes precisely between the Earth and the Sun and its shadow falls on Earth and moves over it. The Earth, Moon and Sun are then aligned when viewed from above the orbital plane of the Earth or from the side.
 And the lunar eclipse happens when earth passes in between the sun and the moon and three of them are aligned.

After this scientific Bullshit, basing on it, if we deem it to be true then one question arises. Quran says that sun revolves around the earth and moon follows the Sun (Quran 91, 1-2). In that theory of flat earth what can cause Lunar or Solar eclipse. As per Quran, Moon has to follow Sun, how can it stop following and come between Sun and earth. How can be the Quran wrong. This is why I am saying, in order to relieve the Muslims of this confusion, Allah could have confided a little bit in His prophet. Not nice at all. 

Eclipse was not the only time when Prophet got scared and mistook it for the last hour. Another day He came running to his wife and told about the imminent danger which at that time, the world was facing, Lets read.

Narrated Zainab bint Jahsh:
That the Prophet came to her in a state of fear saying, "None has the right to be worshiped but Allah! Woe to the Arabs because of evil that has come near. Today a hole has been made in the wall of Gog and Magog as large as this." pointing with two of his fingers making a circle. Zainab said, "I said, 'O Allah's Messenger ! Shall we be destroyed though amongst us there are pious people? ' He said, 'Yes, if evil increases
( Sahih Bukhari 3598, Book Refernce : Book 62, Hadith 106, English Reference : Vol.4, Book 56, hadith 797)

Again Prophet is not sure, he saw some hole for certain which scared him as hell. All this happening just because Allah did not confide in His own prophet about the day of Judgment. It was a simple thing to tell that as per lunar calendar, date of Judgment was so and so, as per lunisolar so and so, as per Mayan calendar so and so, as per Chinese calender so and so, as per Babylonian calendar so and so, as per Zoroastrian calendar so and so, as per Hebrew calendar so and so, and as per Gregorian calendar  So and so, easy.

Oh it seems pretty messy. But you know, Allah is most intelligent of all in order to avoid this calenderal  mess  i.e. to mention a single date as per so many calendars, Allah thought up a brilliant solution to this problem and at last confided in his prophet and revealed the secret date of Judgment Day to him. Do you wanna know that date? Yes I have a date for sure this time? Are you ready? Its gonna blow your mind away as it has blown mine. Yeah its hundred percent accurate date of the day of Resurrection, the last hour, the Judgment day, Armageddon, the dooms day, apocalypse yes, it is. Ok lets read the revealing secret knowledge of the ancient books. Lo and Behold.
 Anas b. Malik reported that a person asked Allah's Apostle:
When would the Last Hour come? Thereupon Allah's Messenger (way peace be upon him) kept quiet for a while. Then looked at a young boy in his presence belonging to the tribe of Azd Shanu'a and he said: If this boy lives he would not grow very old till the Last Hour would come to you. Anas said that this young boy was of our age during those days.( Sahih Muslim 2953 b, Book Reference: Book 54 , hadith 174, English Reference : Book 41 , hadith 7052)


Anas reported that a person asked Allah's Messenger  as to when the Last Hour would come. He had in his presence a young boy of the Ansar who was called Muhammad. Allah's Messenger  said:
If this young boy lives, he may not grow very old till (he would see) the Last Hour coming to you.
(Sahih Muslim 2953 b, Book Reference: Book 54 , hadith 173, English Reference : Book 41 , hadith 7051)

Yes, now you are knower of unknown. Now you are the seer of unseen. Now you are the holder of a secret which no one knows. Now you are the member of the executive cabinet of Allah. All you have to do now, is to find that boy of tribe of Azd Shanu’a and wait till he dies, as simple as ABC. No Big calculations, no lofty theories, No complication, simple and astute. Till you find that boy I will beg my leave. Try to digest what you have learned today. For learning more earth shattering secrets keep reading my blog. Till next time, stay blessed and safe.

Asad Mahmud

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

General Muslim Behavior AKA "Absurd Activities"

General Muslim Behavior AKA "Absurd Activities"

Muslims are restricted to a time table in which they strive hard to cope with the schedule of prayers they have been blessed by their Allah. Allah require them to worship Him five times as a binding duty and if they want to worship more, then that is not binding but their own sweet will. I don’t know what Allah does with that much worship because He has left Muslims with no liberty of any sort be it games, entertainment, occupation, business or any other thing. In return Allah has not promised anything in this world, because He is short of resources in the Material world. He has no control over the events of this world so He promised them paradise in the afterlife and 72 eternal virgins. But as far as this life is concerned they can live like hell in the hope of some Harry Potter type paradise after their demise.  Islam considers every activity other than worshiping or remembering Allah, a waste of time. For this reason a lot of games have also been deemed Haram, chess, for example.  

The Grand mufti of Saudia Recently issued a fatwa banning chess as being waste of time. That is why Muslims Countries don’t waste much of their time in development and games because it’s just waste of time as not spent in the worship of Allah.

My question is, Five time prayers have not created any sort of positive effect in the lives of Muslims or towards the benefit of the mankind in General. If a Muslim goes to the Mosque five times or a Muslima ( Femle Muslim) Offers prayers at home. They are doing a useless activity, not beneficial to mankind in any way. And if they consider praying to Allah better than working for Needy Humans then they are mistaken and misguided as hell. If these prayers have not contributed towards betterment of world then at least it should have contributed towards betterment of Muslim world. But not at all Muslim world has been shattered into pieces, Iraq , Syria and that region have been completely destroyed in the Name of Allah and for the sake of Allah. 

Christians over there and Liberal Muslims are being treated as animals or worse than animals.This is what your religion has taught you.This is what your five prayers have given to this world. Muslims are in no way superior human beings than others. Most of the Muslims countries are surviving on the aids of Christian organizations like world bank, UN, IMF. Now Millions of Muslims are at the doors of Christian countries seeking refuge or help which they are wholeheartedly willing to offer. What’s the use of Your Five prayers? In your own mosques, Imams of mosques are abusing and raping the children and women of the locality who come to them for spiritual treatment of some imaginary spiritual diseases.

Let me narrate some examples here so you would not accuse me of Blame game. Imam of the mosque in Afghanistan rapes girl and threatens her to keep quite or he would kill all of her family membersVideo of an Imam who is proudly confessing his crime of raping and murdering a child and describing the hospitality and VIP treatment given by the police after his confession. This video is in Urdu language but Simply the Imam is explaining how the Police is behaving with him in a respectable manner because he is an Imam. Another case of child rape by Imam was reported in Saudia in which father ( who is also an Imam) accused her five years old daughter of losing the virginity. 

As per some reports he raped his daughter himself but as per some he killed her because of losing her virginity. He was released by court as, in Saudia fathers can kill their children. This is what your religion has taught you, You animals. How can a five years old lose her virginity , you crazy scumbags. Here is another Imam from Denmark, who gave a fatwa(decree) that those women who don’t wear hijab, if attacked, are to be blamed for that.

He in fact proved it by pulling his Penis out and chasing a non-hijabi Woman. In another Ruling from saudia , the Ulema( clergy ) has agreed that the females as young as in cradle can be married off but can be consummated when they are capable of placing beneath and bearing men’s weight. Now you see how better human beings you are, Sheer pedophiles. In order to save the skin of your prophet, who married six years old Aisha, you are forced to legalize pedophilia.  This is happening in your Mosques where Islam is the law of the house, what to say about rest of the Muslim Places. Other than this filth, mosques are being used to spread “hate agenda”, a recent video uncovered, how Good Human Beings Muslims Are, watch and learn.
On one hand you want to tear pubescent girls and on the other hand you attach honour of the family with these innocent girls. Father killed her daughters to save honour of the family, brother killed his sister for honour, Syrian girl who escaped to the Germany was followed and killed by family including mother. This absurd concept of attaching the honour of the family with the females of the family is ridiculous. No matter, what male members of the family do, only women are responsible for saving or shattering the family’s honour.

Males of the family could be, murderers, plunderers, rapists, thieves, embezzlers or dacoits that does not matter because women of the family are pious and secure at the house in the boundaries of four walls of the house. You don’t stop there but you go further, in order, to save your family’s, self-proclaimed, honour you apply genital mutilation on females of the family for the purpose of keeping them from enjoying the physical pleasure in true sense. This is what your religion has taught you.

Back to the first question what benefit has been derived from five daily prayers by Muslims. Whether your rulers have stopped corruption and embezzlement. No, They themselves take refuge in Christian countries after their Government tenure is over to avoid corruption charges levelled and cases initiated against them by the new ruling party. New ruling party is also Muslim what’s their character, they start corruption cases some accurate some false against the old regime members. This is what your prayers have taught you. This is your character Build up after five times’ prayers a day.

When Christians celebrate their Christmas, they put everything on sale while when Muslim celebrate Ramadan , prices of the commodities soar and that month along with the impending EID is considered to be a “business season” for gaining sky rocketed profits by Muslims.

In Islamic theology, during Ramadan, Satan is captured and locked meaning thereby he cannot tempt Muslims towards sins during Ramadan. Which is clear indication that if Muslims over-charge in Ramadan, its their personal character, they cannot blame Satan for that. My personal experience as a lawyer in Pakistan is an evidence to this fact that whenever in Ramadan I went to a property registrar, he never spared the chance of earning some extra bucks. He would be reciting Quran but asking for the bribe money. This is what your prayers have taught you. What do you do for the betterment of world. What is your contribution to the world. When you do your exercise five times and wash yourself five times. What are you giving to this world, Nothing, nothing at all. If I go to gym five times and after that I take shower five times, what the hell I be contributing toward a better world for the Humanity, Nothing.

Allah demands your prayers but he does not encourage you to work for a better world. What kind of a creator you have. Why do you pray even? If instead of spending all of your time in prayers you could have thought about protesting against your corrupt government, feeding the hungry , helping the needy, or at least gathering the Muslim Umma on one religious school of thought, you could have made some contribution towards anything, but no. Allah cannot live without your prayers yet he can live with Misery of the humans in the World. What status do you have in the eyes of Allah, You are slaves to Allah, is it dignified, No, Not at all. At least Christian God, Yahwe, Calls his followers, My sons and daughters. Even after praying five times your Allah is not willing to give you any respectable status. Shame on you.

What to talk of Allah’s personal character?  Allah hates non-believers, why does not He turn their hearts, Why He orders you kill them, Can’t you think. Don’t you have an ounce of a brain in your heads? Or you are fooling people into the religion and on the pretext of religion you want to defeat western Nations and acquire some land. Western countries, they might not offer any prayers to Allah but they respect Humans as well as Animals. Muslims cannot even start an NGO for saving the Dogs, because Prophet Muhammad Considered dog a sinister animal, what to talk of saving Humans.

Meaning thereby you are religiously biased or I must say “racist” towards dogs. Thank God prophet didn’t say that all animals should be Muslims also. Otherwise it would have been a tough call for the Muslims to educate animals about Islam. Allah claimed in Quran that He converted Jews into Pigs and Monkeys. Why he cannot do that now. Why he wants them dead now but cannot stop their hearts Himself, cannot disconnect their life artery. Allah’s magical powers are not working now a days? Whats wrong. Why do we have to listen to the Non-sense Muslims Clerics as a representative of Allah. Why Allah is not showing his signs now as he used to show to the previous nations, as claimed by Him in Quran. Is there  Some problem in magical ingredients of Super powers of Allah or Western Nations have grown stronger than Him. If Allah is strong enough Why is he sending Muslims migrants at the doors of Christian countries whereas He strictly forbade Muslims to seek help of Christians. Why this humiliation by the Allah for the Muslims.

Why Allah is so inimical towards Muslims. Why Muslims countries are under developed or developing. When you hold the name of Allah Up then Allah should keep your name Up and you developed. Why not? Where are the powers of Allah. Why your Imam of mosque has to incite you all the time to wage war on non-Muslims. Why not Allah take this task on Him leaving you to be a better human beings. You know why not Because Islam does not want a better world and Allah has no magical powers which He could use. To tell you the truth, Prophet Muhammad never saw Allah. He had only seen So-Called Gabriel, who was such a horrifying entity that, Prophet got scared many times on mere sight of Gabriel. Even on the Mairiaj ( Which is the journey of the Prophet upto the seventh heaven and beyond, up to the Allah), Prophet Never saw Allah Read Hadith. What’s the use of a journey ( In dreams) upto the seventh heaven and beyond if he could not see Allah , Prophet was able to see Gabriel on earth, it was not necessary to travel that far to see him again beyond seventh heaven.

What does it mean? So called Gabriel is the Allah of Islam. Beyond seventh heaven Prophet Could not see or hear Allah, it was so called Gabriel. Now who knows what Gabriel really is, it could be a sinister entity. It could be Satan Himself. Do Muslims have a proof who Gabriel was.?
Islam was spread by sword not by character. Because character of the Muslims have never been worth  following neither as humans nor as Muslims. Murders, dacoities , Rapes of Non-Muslims women was the character at the times of prophet and still is the character of Staunch followers of the prophet i.e. ISIS etc.

Coming back to the question, What your five prayers have contributed towards a better world? What? Most high executions rate of Saudia and Iran, is this your character, or religious dispute between Iran and Saudia is your character? What is your character? What are you proud of? You slaughter people you lash people you behead them you cut hands and feet. What’s your character or worth following trait. These are animalistic activities.

These things are reminiscent of uncivilised stone age. But even now you don’t wanna keep up you don’t wanna grow. You don’t wanna be civilised. Your Sun still revolves around the earth because Quran says so. Shia call Sunni, “kafir”( Non-believer). Sunni Call Shia “kafir”, you call Ahmadis “Kafir”. Your one cleric calls other Kafir. Tahir ul Qadri calls Zakir Naik a Kafir in Reply Zakir Naik calls Tahir Ul Qadri a Kafir then another one calls again Tahir Ul Qadri a Fasiq( not genuine Muslim). At the end you call every one, a kafir. You have lost it completely. What your five prayers have given to you. You put a stamp of ban(haram) on any kind of development, you cannot make movies because, male female interaction is haram, dance haram, music haram, Science haram because its Biddah (A new thing which was not found at the time of prophet), Games haram because time spent in enjoyment is wasted as not being spent in the remembrance of Allah. Here is something interesting, an excerpt  from the personal account of a newly converted Muslim as to how he thinks he can become a better Human being by leaving all the entertainment,"When I became a Muslim I immediately stopped many things: Smoking, having an occasional beer, negative thinking patterns, associating with "haram people", listening to downloaded music, watching movies ... and even my old favourite passtime: Playing computer games,"
Now when you leave every enjoyment of your life then what’s left attractive for you in life Only one thing, to kill those who are still enjoying, the so called “Haram People”.

You Muslims cannot laugh with open mouth because Prophet Muhammad used to smile only. What are you left with, nothing, but to kill Non-believers as not a religious duty but out of vengeance that your religion does not allow any kind of entertainment while they are doing and enjoying everything, thank God, Sharia does not exist in west. And for you, Muslims, It seems a better choice to die in the name of Allah so that at least you could save the paradise full of seventy two virgins for yourself, isn’t it? It’s the only game your Allah allows you to play, in the world with non-believer women and after demise with seventy Two virgins. This Idea of 72 virgins is so luring and mouth watering that I fear I might fall into that trap myself. I think I have already taken a lot of your “precious”  time, it’s time for your prayers again, so go, do some exercise (prayers) and curse Jews and Christians. Pray to Allah to send more Muslims migrants at the doorsteps of Christian countries or best of all, plan some Attack on some Jewish or Christian community to get your bunch of eternal virgins. Till next time stay blessed.

Asad Mahmud