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I am an asylum seeker in Ireland. I am reading a lot now a days about the absurd and Jihadi activities of Asylum seekers all over Europe. To tell you the truth, which no one would be able to admit that I never expected a system so organised based on solely humanitarian bases to accommodate people fleeing from persecution. But how the Muslims asylum seekers see this system is very interesting. For the purpose of secrecy I am changing the names of the persons here in order to avoid betrayal of their trust while talking to me or in-front of me as a friend. One of the persons is, Sultan, he is very devout Pakistani, just after the new year eve I mentioned to him the massacre of France where Muslims burned 800 cars. He commented “its good after what they have done to our country we should do that”. I was astonished and said “its not a good behavior if they celebrate their new year, we should respect their values and culture as they are accommodating us” He responded,” UN is paying for the people who are in asylum process and Pakistan is part of UN and pays good money to UN” I Continued, “Pakistan is surviving on loans from IMF and World bank, Pakistan would not be contributing towards asylums seekers welfare. It must be the Wealthy Western Countries.” But he was adamant on His view and insisted that I was under-estimating Pakistan and Pakistan is going to be the Super power very soon. This view is also held by another great analytical asylum seeker Mr.Mazhar, who believes that the economy of America is Going to collapse very soon Making room for Pakistan to be the next super power. Who felt Insulted when I responded In a way that If you try to refute the sun on a sunny day people would call you crazy, but I never meant to insult, believe me. Another Guy named Shah belongs to the most respected cast in Pakistan “Sadaat. Saadat are considered to be the descendants of Daughter of Prophet Muhammad as Muhammad had no son who survived. He had one daughter who was married To Ali, one of the four caliphs after Prophet Muhammad. This Guy “Shah” smokes weed and most of the time remain in a “High” state of consciousness.  I don’t talk to him much but I can clearly observe that he has a self-proclaimed pride in himself as he talks to the other Muslim guys very insultingly but in return expects respect just because he belongs to the revered cast of Pakistan regardless of his personal bad character or worst attitude. Pakistani Guys consider his ramblings as some kind of Divine revelations because of his way of speaking as if he is In a deep meditative(high) state and disclosing the most precious secrets of Devine. He “revealed” to us while commenting on the Asylum crisis in Europe, “Wake Up Europe, do something For Muslims,” as If he was funding the UN for Supporting Asylum seekers. He considers it A right for the Muslims To seek asylum and Duty of the West to protect them.
I also belong to Pakistan but the point is I know how corrupt our Government is, as I have been fighting with the system and raising my voice on various issues in Pakistan. I filed many Public Interest Litigations, and I know exactly how the judiciary responded to my “contemptuous efforts of maligning the Government”. Everyone knows about the issues in Pakistan and Muslims worlds. How Muslims countries are infringing the Basic Human Rights in the Name of Religion and curtailing the chances of masses to grow as a nation or on personal scale. No one is willing to accept that, they want to stay in a state of denial.
Europe or west understands the Importance of basic Human Rights and they made a System of Protection for the People escaping the persecution of various types. Why we are denying this civilized attitude of the west. When European or American governments Refuse to accept despite the criticism of their own people in the name of Political Correctness that Islam is not the cause of Problems but Radical Islam is, these governments are respecting your religious preferences and not blaming your religion while knowing exactly how Quran promotes killing Jews and Christian as a religious duty.
Why we forget this when we want sharia For Britain or America that Sharia is the Basic Hurdle In the way of Scientific Development of Muslim Countries. As Quran Denies various Scientific facts but Muslims have to believe in what Quran says as a religious duty, believing it to be the word of God. Quran teaches earth as Flat, Sun Revolving around the earth and setting in a pool of water on one side of the Flat earth. If you can believe, In Pakistan there was an Imaam Of mosque who while using Scientific Inventions like Loud Speaker, fans, Air Conditioners in the Mosque would call Science, a demonic knowledge and was very famous among the masses for being so much outspoken about the “Truths”.
In such a manner when Muslims are brought up in a certain way believing certain behaviors as socially accepted behaviors then definitely they will blame women for luring them into committing rapes in Germany, Sweden, or in any of the EU country. Strict Restriction of the Religion have forced Muslims of Egypt to invent a game named as Taharrush( Mob Sexual Assault), which is played openly and a good way to escape Punishment from the Government as the assaulters cannot be easily identified.
Why Muslims forget while stabbing a Swedish caretaker lady, raping Christian Women, Burning Cars in France and Waging war on the west that Saudia and Iran are still unable to resolve the religious differences based on sharia Law. There is no standard, agreed upon, set of sharia rules in Muslim World and Sharia could be one of the reasons of their escape from their own countries. Enforcement of Sharia is the Biggest reason of Mass migration from Syria and Iraq. After escaping Sharia You again want Sharia then why should not the Muslims who want sharia be sent back to Syria to enjoy sharia as enforced. What will wake you up from Slumber, why are you being played at in the hands of radical clerics or terrorist organisations in the name of Sharia which seems to be a religious way to loot and plunder.
There is another strange phenomenon among Muslims, they have an impression in their minds that one who goes to mosque regularly is very righteous and pious man and one who doesn’t is not. All of your corruption, Immoralities and bad characteristics doesn’t count if you offer prayers five times a day in the mosque. A very well built Belief of forgiveness of sins is behind that meaning thereby if you offer prayer, your previous sins are forgiven and you are born anew to commit new ones. Pilgrimage of Mecca Is considered to be very strong Form of worship in this regard which grants you Devine  forgiveness of sins of your previous life. Because of this Concept, rich people of Muslim countries, earn money through thick and thin with every wrong way possible one can think of and at the end of the year they perform Hajj( Pilgrimage to Mecca) and feel relieved and ready for new sins, as previous ones are forgiven. Rights of Allah i.e. Worshiping Allah and his Other duties are regarded as Superior to Human Rights. I don’t get this Idea, What’s the use of religion if it cannot safeguard your basic rights and freedoms. While you are alive you are suppose to deny every comfort of life in the name of religion in expectation of higher reward from Allah in after life. Why the creator of universe is so inconsiderate that He cannot give you happiness in both lives, if there are. Is He short of Resources. The One who created this vast ever expanding universe, the boundaries of which are not known to the mankind, is short or resources. No, He is not, but we don’t have a heart to let everyone live happily, we human beings, try to control the lives of others in the name of Sometimes religion and sometimes other self-proclaimed beliefs. We play with people through their beliefs, we rob people of their hard earned money in order to fill our pockets in the name of Religion. If there is a creator, He does not need your money to convey His message. If there is a Creator, He does not need your satellite channels to spread His word. He created us, If He wants, he can turn our hearts to himself. But He is not Greedy of your prayers or Bucks. I am sure If He is there, He would be more happy if you try to help The Humans in Need of your help and Support. Creator of the Universe does not charge you tax for granting you life or anything in life. Why we don’t think. We are ready to pay million to a self proclaimed Man of God but not willing to feed the hungry or help the poor. We are not willing to respect each others’ beliefs. Allah is a God so short hearted and Loose tempered that He cannot bear the non-Believers and want them dead But cannot kill them Himself, He needs Muslims For that Purpose. When would you start to think? Where is the Human suppressed in your body because someone else has told you to suppress it in the name of religion when you wanted to help Some Non-Believer. Even Animals deserve compassion and you become so cruel in the Name of Religion that you cannot bear human beings. Wake Up people Wake Up.

Asad Mahmud

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  1. Radical Islam and Islam are one and the same.
    If one believes in the obscene Koran and strives to obey its commandments - and he or she must so strive - then that person is as liable to murder me, a Jew, as any other Koran believer.


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