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Funny Story of A Magician by Prophet Muhammad

Funny Story of  A Magician by Prophet Muhammad 

Different people have different perspectives, different point of views about the same thing. Its same with creator of the universe, everyone has different view and perspective of God. No one can say for sure whose view of God is accurate neither anyone can say that he or she has seen the God. No one in the history of mankind has seen the God. Its not very common that we hear different stories about seeing God personally. We have heard many stories about alien-sightings but not about God. Who has seen God, how does he look like, whether God exists or not and if He exists why he never shows Himself to His people. By not Showing Himself and keeping the people confused and fighting each other to prove some certain religion as truth is sheer cruelty, only if the God exists.  Its like God is enjoying that the people are dying fighting for Him. If there is a God, He has very vicious sense of humor. And If we say that God wants people to strive hard to find Him inside their souls and out in the world. Then killing some human being, in order to prove some certain view of God as accurate is sheer non-sense.

After this sublime message, let's come towards the topic of the day. As Prophet Muhammad, preached to his followers that in order to prove their view of God, they can kill other Human Beings( Quran 9.5/ 9.29/ 9.30/98.6). So lets read some of his other remarkable teachings. You know, whenever his followers gathered around him, he would tell them a story in order to fill their hearts with awe for Allah and make them submissive towards Allah, the Muslim God. So here is a story of a boy and a magician directly from the Archives of Islam, in the words of Prophet Muhammad. This is a long Narration by the Prophet Muhammad so I have divided it in parts, original narration is in Italic writing format while my personal comments thereon are in plain writing.

King, Court Magician, Monk and Boy

Suhaib reported that Allah's Messenger thus said:
There lived a king before you and he had a (court) magician. As he (the magician) grew old, he said to the king: I have grown old, send some young boy to me so that I should teach him magic. He (the king) sent to him a young man so that he should train him (in magic). And on his way (to the magician) he (the young man) found a monk sitting there. He (the young man) listened to his (the monk's) talk and was impressed by it. It became his habit that on his way to the magician he met the monk and sat there and he came to the magician (late). He (the magician) beat him because of delay. He made a complaint of that to the monk and he said to him: When you feel afraid of the magician, say: Members of my family had detained me. And when you feel afraid of your family you should say: The magician had detained me. It so happened that there came a huge beast (of prey) and it blocked the way of the people, and he (the young boy) said: I will come to know today whether the magician is superior or the monk is superior.
So far we are not sure, what the magician was teaching or what the monk was teaching the boy. We can just assume that both's teachings were in contrast to each other. But one thing is certain that monk taught the boy to lie to his parents and the magician. If the monk is teaching to lie then magician must be teaching to speak the truth, maybe.

He picked up a stone and said: O Allah, if the affair of the monk is dearer to Thee than the affair of the magician, cause death to this animal so that the people should be able to move about freely. He threw that stone towards it and killed it and the people began to move about (on the path freely). 
Now suddenly we get to know that the boy is believer of Allah and he prays to Allah to test the credibility of both, the monk and the court magician, by throwing a stone at the beast then Suddenly somehow after the death of beast he becomes certain that the monk is right. At the first place he decided himself before throwing the stone at beast that if it kills the beast, then monk is right. If I kill a stray dog or a snake with a stone and say, if he dies, then Obama is right. Whats the point in that, I dont get it.

He (the young man) then came to that monk and Informed him and the monk said: Sonny, today you are superior to me. Your affair has come to a stage where I find that you would be soon put to a trial, and in case you are put to a trial don't give my clue.
Surprisingly, when the boy tells the monk about the incident, he informs the boy that he has gained such a high position in the sight of Allah that Allah is gonna put  his belief to test. If it is so easy to gain high honor in the sight of Allah by killing some stray dog or a snake then I am willing to do that.

That young man began to treat the blind and those suffering from leprosy and he in fact began to cure people from (all kinds) of illness. When a companion of the king who had gone blind heard about him, he came to him with numerous gifts and said: If you cure me all these things collected together here would be yours. Be said: I myself do not cure anyone. It is Allah Who cures and if you affirm faith in Allah, I shall also supplicate Allah to cure you. 
Wow, its amazing how the young boy became a miraculous healer after killing some stray dog (beast). If I pray to Allah,O Almighty, whoever is wrong between Obama of america and King Salman of Saudi Arabia, be dead. Would one of them, die and by praying so would I become honorable in the sight of Allah. So much honourable that I would get the power of miraculous healing. We all should try that sometime.

He affirmed his faith in Allah and Allah cured him and he came to the king and sat by his side as he used to sit before. The king said to him: Who restored your eyesight? He said: My Lord. Thereupon he said: It means that your Lord is One besides me. He said: My Lord and your Lord is Allah, so he (the king) took hold of him and tormented him till he gave a clue of that boy. The young man was thus summoned and the king said to him: O boy, it has been conveyed to me that you have become so much proficient in your magic that you cure the blind and those suffering from leprosy and you do such and such things. Thereupon he said: I do not cure anyone; it is Allah Who cures, and he (the king) took hold of him and began to torment him. So he gave a clue of the monk. The monk was thus summoned and it was said to him: You should turn back from your religion. He, however, refused to do so. He (ordered) for a saw to be brought (and when it was done) he (the king) placed it in the middle of his head and tore it into parts till a part fell down.
Now when the boy was tormented by the king why didn't he pray to Allah and why Allah didn't save the honored one. If you have read the hadith properly and didnt miss that part where monk takes a promise from the boy to refrain from mentioning monk's name when the boy is put to trial. Boy broke the promise and told the king about the monk. A liar and a promise breaker is honored one in the sight of Allah.

Then the courtier of the king was brought and it was said to him: Turn back from your religion. Arid he refused to do so, and the saw was placed in the midst of his head and it was torn till a part fell down. Then that young boy was brought and it was said to him: Turn back from your religion. He refused to do so and he was handed over to a group of his courtiers. And he 'said to them: Take him to such and such mountain; make him climb up that mountain and when you reach its top (ask him to renounce his faith) but if he refuses to do so, then throw him (down the mountain). So they took him and made him climb up the mountain and he said: O Allah, save me from them (in any way) Thou likest and the mountain began to quake and they all fell down and that person came walking to the king. 
Isn't a little late for praying to Allah, after the death of monk and the believer courtier, now the boy is praying to Allah to save him from the king's men, so selfish. On the other hand, monk and the believer courtier could have prayed to Allah, why Allah didn't save them. Just because they didn't kill a dog(beast) with stone.

The king said to him: What has happened to your companions? He said: Allah has saved me from them. He again handed him to some of his courtiers and said: Take him and carry him in a small boat and when you reach the middle of the ocean (ask him to renounce) his religion, but if he does not renounce his religion throw him (into the water). So they took him and he said: O Allah, save me from them and what they want to do. It was quite soon that the boat turned over and they were drowned and he came walking to the king,and the king said to him: What has happened to your companions? He said: Allah has saved me from them, and he said to the king: You cannot kill me until you do what I ask you to do. And he said: What is that? He said: You should gather people in a plain and hang me by the trunk (of a tree). Then take hold of an arrow from the quiver and say: In the name of Allah, the Lord of the young boy; then shoot an arrow and if you do that then you would be able to kill me. So he (the king) called the people in an open plain and tied him (the boy) to the trunk of a tree, then he took hold of an arrow from his quiver and then placed the arrow in the bow and then said: In the name of Allah, the Lord of the young boy; he then shot an arrow and it bit his temple. He (the boy) placed his hands upon the temple where the arrow had bit him and he died and the people said: We affirm our faith in the Lord of this young man, we affirm our faith in the Lord of this young man, we affirm our faith in the Lord of this young man. The courtiers came to the king and it was said to him: Do you see that Allah has actually done what you aimed at averting. They (the people) have affirmed their faith in the Lord. He (the king) commanded ditches to be dug at important points in the path. When these ditches were dug, and the fire was lit in them it was said (to the people): He who would not turn back from his (boy's) religion would be thrown in the fire or it would be said to them to jump in that. 
I have a question after the remarkable sacrifice of the boy for the sake of Allah, when some people started to believe in Allah, Why Allah didn't kill the king who wanted the believer people to be dead. while Allah, as per Islam, has the power to give life and to take it away. Mohyee w Momeet, Arabaic names of Allah synonym for life and death giver. It seems as if Allah likes rich people and ignore their blasphemous acts.

(The people courted death but did not renounce religion) till a woman came with her child and she felt hesitant in jumping into the fire and the child said to her: 0 mother, endure (this ordeal) for it is the Truth.( Sahih Muslim 3005, Book Reference: Book 55, Hadith 93, English Reference: Book 42, hadith, 7148)
I don't get it, now the small child is speaking to the mother. I never saw a christian child who said to his parents that Allah is the right way, worship him. I never saw a Muslim child saying the same, its always the parents who tell their children, what to believe and what not. That's all for now Guys, start thinking, instead of fighting to prove certain religion as truth, try to love humanity and make this world a better and beautiful place to harbor humanity and love.

Asad Mahmud

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