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Today I am going to tell you something miraculous which you would never forget even if you try to do so This "amazing historical secret" will blow your mind away and body also. After learning this secret you will be able to "fly without wings". This is a formula which has been kept secret from Humanity for million years and just because of my "hardcore"research has been surfaced. Complete purification of Mind and body. Miraculous healing, that which you would have never heard of or seen anywhere.  From the deserts of Arabia, directly into your hands. The amazing, the most powerful medicine ever used by the amazing and most shrewd, conman of the history, Prophet Muhammad.  I have divided my article into two parts in order to make it easy for you to absorb the flood of knowledge revealed here. First one is about increasing your "healing power" from within which is very much important as unless you are not as filthy oh I mean as clean as Prophet Muhammad wanted you to be you will not be able to practice medicine as he meant. Second one is about making a "miraculous medicine from the ingredients which have been considered by Prophet Muhammad, the most important for treatment purposes. Let's begin.


First of all put the diseases of reason and rationale found in your mind aside. Because first and foremost thing which Prophet Muhammad wanted from his followers was total mindless submission without which no one would have followed him. And you need it madly to practice medicine in the ways of Prophet Muhammad.  Take your time, think for many days and after that when you decide in your most unstable mind to finally follow what prophet Muhammad said then there are many ways to "pollutify" oh sorry typo mistake, its not even a word, excuse my vocabulary, "purify" your soul. I am gonna mention a few ways here, every one of them is equally effective, then its up to you how you decide to commit suicide, again sorry, commit to any one of them. It depends how much you wish to increase your "miraculous healing power".   

1.     Use leftover water  from wife's’ bathing. 
Don't hesitate, she is your own wife. What you have to do is, you have to make ablution from the leftover water of your wife's’ bathing specially after making love to her when she washes herself  off then you can use the leftover water from that place. In case, you are not married,  then you can look for any married woman( Don't hesitate, remember Islam needs total submission, so don't hesitate) when she washes herself off after making love with her husband, you can use the leftover water of that place to make ablution. It will increase your healing power immensely to a level which only you would be able to gauge. Its not easy for every one to do it. Remember power always come with a price. Lets read why is it important, from hadith.

“It was narrated from Ibn 'Abbas that one of the wives of the Prophet performed Ghusl from Janabah(after having sex), and the Prophet performed Wudu' with her leftover water. She mentioned that to him and he said:"Water is not made impure by anything." (Sunan an-Nasa'i 325, In-book reference:Book 2, Hadith 1, English translation:Vol. 1, Book 2, Hadith 326)

Another One :

“Narrated Abdullah ibn Abbas:One of the wives of the Prophet took a bath from a large bowl. The Prophet wanted to perform ablution or take from the water left over. She said to him: O Prophet of Allah, verily I was sexually defiled. The Prophet said: Water not defiled”.( Sunan Abi Dawood 68, In book Reference : Book 1, Hadith 68, English Translation Book 1, Hadith  68)

2.     Make ablution from water with menstrual clothes, dead dogs etc.
Again, don't hesitate, submit totally, remember you have already put the reason and rationale aside, for a "greater cause". You are coming closer to your goal of achieving un-explainable super power. Now this practice is much emphasized upon by Prophet Muhammad and recorded in many Ahadith. You have to find a well where people throw their garbage, menstrual clothes or even dead dogs. it will helpful in killing your ego which is causing hurdle in achieving total submissive attitude. If you are not Muslim and unable to find any such well then call any Muslim, and recite him the hadith mentioned hereinbelow then ask him the direction of any such place. I assure you he would guide you to many of such places as Muslims believe that this world is temporary so they don't improve their localities, they only focus on improving their afterlife. One of the reasons for doing that is, whosoever dies among Muslims, always appear in the dreams of other Muslims to tell the details about the houris he Got in the paradise. Only Muslims will get houris, this is the extra benefit of submitting to Islam. Now when you find a well with the help of that Muslim, you have to  make ablution from that well, it will increase your healing power manifold and other people will certainly notice that from even looking at your face due to the light and shine emanating from it. Lets read.   

It was narrated that Abu Sa'eed Al-Khudri said:"It was said: 'O Messenger of Allah, you perform Wudu' from the well into which the bodies of dogs, menstrual rags and garbage are thrown?' He said: 'Water is pure and it is not made impure by anything.'"(Sunan Nisai 326, In book refernce :book 2, hadith 2, English Translation :Vol.1, Book.2, Hadith, 327)

Another one :

It was narrated from Ibn Abi Sa'eed Al-Khudri that his father said:"I passed by the Prophet when he was performing Wudu' from the well of Buda'ah. I said: 'Are you performing Wudu' from it when garbage is thrown into it?' He said: 'Water is not made impure by anything.'"( Sunan Nisai 327 , In book Reference : Book 2, Hadith 3, English Translation: Vol.1, Book 2, Hadith 328)

Another one:
Narrated AbuSa'id al-Khudri:The people asked the Messenger of Allah : Can we perform ablution out of the well of Buda'ah, which is a well into which menstrual clothes, dead dogs and stinking things were thrown? He replied: Water is pure and is not defiled by anything.(Sunan abu Dawood 66, In book Reference :Book 1, Hadith 66, English Translation: Book 1, hadith 66)

3.     Drink from the pond where other animals drink.

So far you have been advised to Improve externally which is only a cosmetic change. Now its time to follow the sayings of Prophet to the core and changing your own core by bringing it in line with the teachings of Prophet Muhammad in order to reach next level of "healing". Close your eyes and nostrils and drink the "naturally occurring wine".

It was narrated from Abu Sa'eed Al-Khudri that:The Prophet was asked about the water basins located between Makkah and Al-Madinah, which were visited by wild animals, dogs and donkeys, and about using them for means of purification. He said: "Whatever they (the animals) have carried in their bellies is for them, and whatever is left over is for us, and is pure."( Ibne maja English reference : Vol.1, Book .1, Hadith 519, Arabic reference: Book.1, Hadith 561)

Another one:

”Kabshah, daughter of Ka'b ibn Malik and wife of Ibn AbuQatadah, reported: AbuQatadah visited (me) and I poured out water for him for ablution. A cat came and drank some of it and he tilted the vessel for it until it drank some of it. Kabshah said: He saw me looking at him; he asked me: Are you surprised, my niece? I said: Yes. He then reported the Messenger of Allah as saying: It is not unclean; it is one of those (males or females) who go round among you”.( Suna Abi Dawood 75, In book reference :Book 1, Hadith 75, English Translation : Book 1, hadith 75)

4.     Drink from the well with dead donkey in it

Disgusting? what are you talking about, (Healing)Power comes with a price, my friends. By now you must be seeing some extraterrestrial things, Don't worry, these are the angels, who have come to take you into heaven and if you are still strong then you are close to achieving your "Goal". After this you will become invincible to rationale or reason. Its time to drink from the well with dead donkey in it, lets read :

It was narrated that Jabir bin 'Abdullah said:"We came to a pond in which there was the carcass of a donkey, so we refrained from using the water until the Messenger of Allah came to us and said: 'Water is not made impure by anything.' Then we drank from it and gave it to our animals to drink, and we carried some with us."( Sunan ibne Maja English reference : Vol.1, Book 1, Hadith , 520, Arabic Reference: Book 1, Hadith 562)

Congratulations, You are now at the peak of being a real healer(Muslim). Now you would be feeling a complete change inside and out. You are invincible to reason now. You must be feeling some anger developing inside you, fear not, its natural. It comes as a gift for following Prophet Muhammad. Don’t be afraid it’s the change of a miracle occurring inside your body. Now you are able to amaze people with this new-found illumination.


I appreciate your commitment, weak people cannot reach this second level. Its only the blind faith which could keep you "high" and "elevated". This is how followers of Prophet Muhammad achieved greatness. Everyone knows their names and achievements. I would have mentioned them here but excuse my memory I am unable to remember any right now,maybe later sometime.  Now you are inches away from achieving greatness .In this part of my article I am gonna explain the ingredients of the miraculous medicine one by one and what healing power they contain.  After that I will explain the "complex procedure" of making "Miracle Medicine". Lets Starts

1.     Drink and Recommend Camel urine.
Don’t be amazed folks its secret prophetic kind of knowledge. You might not be able to understand the benefits of camel urine but believers are using it and benefiting from it for centuries now. Its something that seems nasty but in-fact an irresistible drink. Do add some sugar to it before drinking. Prophet Muhammad was able to see the benefits of Urine with his naked eyes regardless of the Quranic claim that (Quran 27:65) "no one has the knowledge of unseen". But you know Prophet Muhammad was real close to Allah or at least to the secret bearer of Allah i.e. Gabriel , so Prophet Muhammad knew many things with the help of Gabriel. Gabriel told Prophet Muhammad, camel urine is tasty and not at all nasty. Prophet Muhammad trusted Gabriel and Muslims trusted prophet Muhammad so you can see to date how Muslims are "Mentally healthy" people. Isn't it mind blowing how they blow themselves up or whatever they put there feet on.
Lets read.

It was narrated from Anas that some people from ‘Urainah came to the Messenger of Allah but they were averse to the climate of Al- Madinah. He said:“Why don’t you go out to a flock of camels of ours, and drink their milk and urine.” And they did that.(Sunan Ibne Maja English Reference : Vol4, Book.31, Hadith 3503, Arabic Reference :Book 31 Hadith 3632)

Worth remembering point, if you drink camel urine directly from camel then its more beneficial otherwise it loses some of its mysterious powers. 
2.     Eat flies

You might be wondering what kind of ingredients are these. But at least its all natural, in front of your eyes, no chemical involved. Only daily life dirty things which no one bothers to concentrate on. Now this is your chance to become invincible with the ancient secret knowledge. Prophet Muhammad was able to notice that when a fly falls into food it always keeps one wing with healing medicine on it away from the food, only to inflict harm to Muslims. But you know Prophet Muhammad was cunning enough to catch this conspiracy of flies against Muslims so he immediately issued ordinance to dip the fly into the food completely if it falls.  Don't think abut nonsense things like what kind of shit it was carrying with it's legs, could be a real shit of Dog. But nothing would be able to harm you once you get all the healing power of the wing off from it. Dipping the fly is so powerful then imagine how powerful would be to eating the same. Instead of playing some random and time wasting games, just start killing flies and eating them. Lets read the reference from the sunnah of Prophet.

Abu Sa’eed narrated that the Messenger of Allah said:“On one of the wings of a fly there is a poison and on the other is the cure. If it falls into the food, then dip it into it, for it puts the poison first and holds back the cure.”( Sunan Ibne Maja English Refernce: Vol.4, Book. 31, Hadith.3504, Arabic reference: Book 31 Hadith 3633)

Another one :

It was narrated from Abu Hurairah that the Prophet said:“If a fly falls into your drink, dip it into it then throw it away, for on one of its wings is a disease and on the other is a cure.”( Sunan Ibne Maja English Refernce : Vol.4, Book 31, Hadith 3505 Arabic reference: Book 31, Hadith 3634)

3.     Saliva(spit) Mixed with Dust

Because of the power of this Knowledge (Filth) , I don't feel like writing anymore about it but only for you people whom I owe my duty as a Human Rights activist to reveal the complete formula of healing from within and "without", I would do it. 
Human saliva mixed with dust has the healing power more than anything on the face of the earth, unquestionable. After all what have you been through so far this should feel nothing to you now. By now you have become immune to dirt, filth, garbage, nothing can offend you now. Saliva mixed with dust creates a taste unforgettable and it is able work against acute poisons as  an antidote. It does not matter whether the saliva is from a person already suffering from some contagious disease because prophet had never forbidden it anywhere. My personal recommendation is that the saliva should be obtained from the guy who has already completed the first level of increasing the healing power from within course, as prescribed hereinabove. His saliva would be the best of the Salivas of all of the human beings. Lets read.

It was narrated from ‘Aishah that one of the things that the Prophet used to say for the sick person, with saliva on his finger (dipped in dust), was:“Bismillah, turbatu ardina, biriqati ba’dina, liyushfa saqimuna. Bi’dhni Rabbina (In the Name of Allah, the dust of our land mixed with the saliva of one of us, to cure our sick one by the permission of our Lord).”(Sunan Ibne Maja English Reference Vol.4, Book 31, Hadith 3521.Arabic reference :Book 31 , Hadith 3650)

Making a Miraclous Medicine
As you have read herein-above that, it’s a long procedure for acquiring  the healing power and then using all the above mentioned ingredients of cure for the various diseases, now here is the secret knowledge of ancient Prophet without any reference from Sunnah now. If you still want some reference for this formula, then believe me that you have not achieved the level of belief Prophet Muhammad wanted from you.No questions asked, ok, Just try to be grateful that I am sharing this secret with you. Now here is the short-cut procedure to get the immediate cure from all of the above mentioned methods and ingredients. It is time to make a single Miraculous Medicine for all purposes.

Collect a lot of dust then kill a lot of flies and mix them then put the mixture into a big pot. Now call some of your friends for your help, stand around the pot where you have put the mixture. Be ready, take deep breaths and start spitting in the pot on the mixture. You need a lot of saliva to make it a paste like thing. Do it, shun the exhaustion, spit hard for the greater benefit of Human Kind. When all of your mouths are dry and mixture is not wet enough. It’s the time you bring in some camel urine, some water from the well with dead dogs, donkeys, menstrual clothes in it and left over water from the bathing place of a married woman just after having sex. Now add these to the mixture in the pot then keep this mixture in the open air for as many days as you want because more flies would come and sit on this mixture which would add more healing power to the already miraculous medicine. After that when it becomes stinky enough that you cannot stand its smell then collect it in some kind of Jar and keep it safe. Whenever you need to get rid of someone, this medicine would work miracles.
Don't you see how Muslims behave they follow all these procedures in letter and spirit. This is how your spirit reaches the unimaginable heights. To tell you the truth I cannot even imagine that high.

Its not over yet Neither are you….  

Now you have to Pray to Allah that “ O Almighty Allah I am gonna use the medicine as prescribed by the teachings of your only Prophet. If I die after using this medicine then please bestow me with 144 virgins in Paradise instead of 72 because my blind faith in Prophet Muhammad caused my death. Amen!"

Now if you die you will die satisfied that at least you are getting double the virgins you are promised by Allah. 

How Islamic and spiritual way to get rid of the plight of living, this is the only better way  of dying ,whereby you could get rid of all the agonies of the world without going to Jihad.    

Note(In case any muslim is blinded by his faith): This article is satirical in nature and cannot be used for medical or treatment purposes. 

Asad Mahmud  

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