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Islamic Prophecy Against Dr. Zakir Naik


Islam is an amazing religion, since the time I started reading the books of Islam it has marvelled me on each and every aspect. Islam has defied the tradition, defied the science and defied the very nature of other religions. Its a total rebellion religion and  amazingly Islam is aware of its enemies too so much so that the companions of Prophet Muhammad were able to prophesies about the Future enemies of Islam.  Don’t believe me , No Problem I am going to reproduce here the hadith and astonishingly its about Dr. Zakir Naik and his teachings and his distortion of Quran. More amazed ?...Lets read

Sunan Abu Dawood (4611). It was narrated from Ibn Shihãb that AbU IdrIs Al-Khawlãni 'A'idhullãh informed him that Yazid bin 'Amirah - who was one of the companions of Mu'adh bin Jabal - informed him, that he never sat in a gathering of remembrance without saying: "Allah is a just Judge, may those who doubt perish." Mu'ãdh bin Jabal said one day: "Ahead of you there are trials in which there will be a great deal of wealth, and the Qur'an will be so easy that believers and hypocrites, men and women, young and old, slave and free will all learn it. Then soon a man will say: 'Why don't the people follow me when I have read the Qur'an. They will not follow me until I innovate something else for them.' So beware of that which is innovated, for that which is innovated is misguidance. And beware of the deviation of a Scholar, for the Shaitãn may utter words of misguidance on the lips of a Scholar, and a hypocrite may speak a word of truth." He said: "I said to Mu'ãdh: 'How could I tell, may Allah have mercy on you, when the Scholar speaks a word of misguidance, and the hypocrite speaks a word of truth?' He said: 'Rather, avoid the scholar's words that become well known and it is said about them: "What is this?" and that should not avert you from him, because he may retract it. And you should accept the truth when you hear it, for the truth has light."

Comment on this Hadith in Sunan ABu Dawood ; “No one can be wiser than the Prophet , so someone's opinion has no value before the saying of Prophet(PBUH)”
Above mentioned is the Sahih Hadith and let me tell you what the sahih hadith means. A narration in which the chain of narrators is said to be reliable is called Sahih Narration/Sahih Hadith.   

In the above quoted hadith the prophecy statement about the Dr. Zakir Naik I have already highlighted. Isn’t it amazing that the Companions of prophet were able to prophesies about Dr Zakir Naik in the previous times that a person would come and he would be a famous scholar and he would innovate things in the Quran, distort it  and try to misguide the people from the teachings of Prophet Muhammad.  Its also mentioned that he would retract from his sayings. I will explain in this article the innovation and the retraction of the Dr. Zakir Naik. While in the comments section of the same Hadith Abu Dawood has commented that No one is wiser than the Prophet Muhammad and sure that no one is because Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad Not Dr. Zakir Naik. Lets Start To analyze.   
1. Teachings about Sun In Quran and Hadith and the innovation of Dr. Zakir Naik.

A.     Sun sets in a pool of Murky Water.

Quran chapter 18 verse 83-86
They ask thee of Dhu’l Qarneyn. Say : I shall recite unto you a remembrance of him. Lo ! We made him strong in the land and gave him unto everything a road. And he followed a road. Till, when he reached the setting place of the sun. he found it setting in a muddy spring, and found a people thereabout. We said: O Dhu’l Qarneyn ! either punish or show them kindness” (pickthall translation).

Allah says that Dhu’l Qarneyn reached the setting place of the sun and saw that it was setting in muddy Spring. Dr Zakir denies all that how, lets see a video

In case video does not run, you can watch the video at this youtube link: described as Does the Sun Set in a Muddy Pool? - Quran: Surah al-Kahf 18:86.

In  This video Dr Zakir Naik says that the Quranic word used in the verse is WAJADA which means it appeared to Dhulqarnain that sun was setting in the murky water. But the problem is that in the same verse when Allah spoke to Dhulqarnain, why didn’t Allah explained that it was not setting in the pool, its appearing to be setting in the pool  and secondly Allah Says to Dhulqarnain that he can do whatever he wants with the people as if Allah didn’t have any opinion  regarding the people living near the setting place of the sun. Another problem is, now a days if we try to locate that place how would we find the civilization which was living near the setting place of the sun.  Because at the time of prophet sun used to set in pool of water while now it does not set anywhere, sun remains there while the earth rotates according to the facts of science. Strange. I have one question here, as per Islamic teachings only Moses was the prophet who was called kaleem Ullah whic means he was the only prophet whom Allah used to speak directly. But This verse of Quran is telling that Dhu'lqarnyn was also Kaleem Ullah?    

Lets see what prophet says about setting of the sun  

Sunan Abu Dawood 4002.
Book reference. (book 32 hadith34)
English translation :Book 31 Hadith 3991.

Narrated Abu Dharr:
I was sitting behind the Messenger of Allah, who was riding a donkey while the sun was setting. He asked: Do you know where this sets ? I replied: Allah and his Apostle know best. He said: It sets in a spring of warm water (Hamiyah).”

This one is Sahih Hadith which mean with Reliable Narrators, so no one is wiser than the prophet (PBUH). Dr Zakir Naik You are wrong. Islamic sun sets in a spring of water.

And that's not it, Islam teaches a lot about sun lets read more   

B.     Moon has to follow the route of the Sun.       

According to the Quran sun goes on its way while the moon has a duty to follow the           way of the sun because …..because ….. Allah knows better why I don’t know so lets read….

Quran chapter 91 verse 1 and 2   

By the sun and its brightness. And [by] the moon when it follows it.

With regard to the explanation of this 2nd verse Tafsir Ibn Abbas has explained it in such a        manner

(And the moon when she followeth him) when it follows the sun, on the first night when the new moon is seen,”
It means clearly sun has to follow its route while moon is bound to follow the sun. Whereas the science tells us that sun does not rotate around the earth on the other hand earth rotates around the sun. But Islamic sun rotates around the earth and moon has to follow the Same route. now Dr. Zakir Naik will try to innovate something like "Allah is talking about how it appears to the people of earth, so Allah is not wrong its the people of earth who are wrong to understand that sun and the moon rotates around the earth." Thank God there is no WAJADA in these verses. As per the hadith quoted in the beginning of this article, any innovation is against the intent of Prophet (PBUH). Quran is clearly talking about the “Islamic Sun”.   

C.      Sun has to take rest

Don’t laugh and don’t be amazed. Allah is very just and he is just and equal with everyone and everything. Allah knows that when sun shines all the day then he(it) gets tired at night so he has to rest and as the Allah is most merciful and Most kind, for the proposes of rest, Allah has provided the sun with a lavish mansion. Lets read the verse and then its                       explanation from the Tafsir of the close relative of prophet Muhammad, Ibn Abbas.

     Quran Chapter 35 Verse 38

And the sun runs [on course] toward its resting place. That is the determination of the Exalted in Might, the Knowing.”

Now lets see what Ibn Abbas has to say about this verse

“(And the sun runneth on unto a resting place for him) to the sun's mansion; it is also said that this means: it runs in the day and at night without any resting place. (That is the measuring of the Mighty) that is the providence of the Mighty in retribution against those who disbelieve in Him, (the Wise) He knows His creation and their providence.”

Now Dr zakir Naik will innovate something for this verse while the earlier experts of Quran were sure that the sun has a resting place which Dr Zakir naik does not know. Zakir Naik does not have the address of the mansion of the Sun you know why because the Sun does not want to see Dr Naik at his  lavish mansion.

D.     Sun has to offer prayers just like the Muslims do

Don’t laugh. I am serious.  Its very bad whenever I mention some teachings of Islam you start to laugh. You people don’t have etiquettes. Let me read to you the Hadith of Prophet         Muhammad (PBUH)

Sahih Muslim, Book 001, Number 0297:

“It is narrated on the authority of Abu Dharr that the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) one day said: Do you know where the sun goes? They replied: Allah and His Apostle know best. He (the Holy Prophet) observed: Verily it (the sun) glides till it reaches its resting place under the Throne. Then it falls prostrate and remains there until it is asked: Rise up and go to the place whence you came, and it goes back and continues emerging out from its rising place and then glides till it reaches its place of rest under the Throne and falls prostrate and remains in that state until it is asked: Rise up and return to the place whence you came, and it returns and emerges out from it rising place and the it glides (in such a normal way) that the people do not discern anything (unusual in it) till it reaches its resting place under the Throne. Then it would be said to it: Rise up and emerge out from the place of your setting, and it will rise from the place of its setting.The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said. Do you know when it would happen? It would happen at the time when faith will not benefit one who has not previously believed or has derived no good from the faith.”

In this Narration the prophet is telling that when the sun reaches its resting place then it start to offer prayer and sun prostrates before Allah and seek the permission to rise up again. Dr Zakir Naik would say science does not tell any such thing. But he does not know that it is beyond his knowledge. Even otherwise Dr Naik is not allowed into the mansion of the sun then how could he know that how the Sun prays to Allah. Only the prophet Knows because only prophet Travelled on Burraq into the skies, not the Dr Naik.

E.      Sun has to burn the centre of the head of Satan.

I am not kidding. These are serious things. It is a duty of the sun to burn the middle section of the head of Satan while rising up again, after all why the sun has so much fire in it if its not used for the purposes of Allah i.e. to burn the Satan,  lets read.

Sahih Bukhari Volume 4 book 54 Number 494.
“Allah's Messenger said,"When the (upper) edge of the sun appears (in the morning), don't perform a prayer till the sun appears in full, and when the lower edge of the sun sets, don't perform a prayer till it sets completely. And you should not seek to pray at sunrise or sunset for the sun rises between two sides of the head of the devil (or Satan).     

You can see when the sun rises it rises between the two sides of the head of Satan. Which means it rises from the middle section of head of Satan. Isn't it amazing that after long night prayers when the sun finally gets the permission to rise again. He(it) burns the middle section of the head of the Satan. I don’t know how Satan goes there where the sun rises. What is he curious about the rising of Sun, that he gets his head burned every morning.  How foolish the Satan is according to Islam.

To be Continued………     

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