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Funny Angels Of Islam


Islam is a religion of myths and fairy tales. It’s the miracle of Islam that if you tell some Muslim a fantasy in the name of Miracle, he will immediately believe you and thank you for increasing his knowledge about some new miracle happening. Because Muslims are brought up this way that they believe in the previous times when the Prophet Muhammad was alive, many Miraculous events were happening, like food praising prophet before eaten by him, trees , rocks and bushes paying Salam to prophet. Everything in between the heaven and the earth was ready to fulfill the command of Prophet  save humans i.e. Jews and Christians.
Since the time I am reading Islam with a critical view point, I find it hilarious. Don’t forget that I belong to a very Strict Religious Muslim family and my upbringing was in accordance with the Islamic norms and teachings.  But at heart I could never agree with Islamic teachings for various reasons. Foremost one is that my mind wanted a reason for everything whereas Islam is all about believing without reasoning.  I give you an example. In my country i.e. Pakistan, people(my friend) used to quote a Hadith of Prophet which says something like if you don’t offer the prayer of Juma( Friday), your Rizq (earning /livelihood) is stopped. Then I would ask them why Hindus and Christians don’t die for lack of Livelihood (rizq) because they never offer a Juma Prayer. Islam makes you believe in fantasies.
Today I am going to bring into your knowledge some funny Islamic teaching with regard to the angels in Islam.  Angels possess a very important role in the Islamic teaching and theology as it was angel Gabriel who brought the amazing Quran to the Prophet Muhammad after reading from the preserved Tablet in the heaven with Allah and many more. Lets read some Teachings. 

A)    Noise In Thunder Storm Because Angel Orders In Loud Voice To The Clouds To Move 

Yes folks forget science and all that what it tells you. Now the amazing and glorified Islam is here to teach you some “inside” secrets about the Natural and Unnatural phenomenons. Noisy thunder storm happens because angel angrily tells the clouds to move their ass from one place to another. I know you would not believe me unless I quote some reference here so here it goes….
Narrated Ibn 'Abbas:
"The Jews came to the Prophet and said: 'O Abul-Qasim! Inform us about the thunder, what is it?' He said: 'An angel among the angels, who is responsible for the clouds. He has a piece of fire wherever that he drives the clouds wherever Allah wills.' They said: 'Then what is this noise we hear?' He said: 'It is him, striking the clouds when he drives them on, until it goes where it is ordered.' They said: 'You have told the truth.' They said: 'Then inform us about what Isra'il made unlawful for himself.' He said: 'He suffered from sciatica, and he could not find anything agreeable due to it (to consume) except for camel meat and its milk. So for that reason he made it unlawful.' They said: 'You have told the truth.'" ( Jamia Tirmadi English Reference: vol.5 Book 44 Hadith 3117, Arabic Reference; Book 47, Hadith 3406)

B)    Distance from shoulder and earlobe of angel was 700 years.

Prophet Muhammad was just sitting around his followers and thinking how to impress them more, because he always wanted his follower to be impressed and awed by his “inside” knowledge. So suddenly an idea struck the Prophet’s mind and he started his story  which goes like this…

Jabir b. ‘Abd Allah reported the Prophet (May peace be upon him) as saying :
I have been permitted to tell about one of Allah’s angels who bears the throne that the distance between the lobe of his ear and his shoulder is a journey of seven hundred years.

you know what happened next, the followers of the prophet started exclaiming Subhan Allah, Amazing is your inside information. None of them asked whether the journey was camel journey or Horse journey or feet journey. No one wanted to be beheaded just for asking a silly question more than the hadith itself. No one dared to ask, how the prophet measured the distance? Fearing, of course beheading.     

C)    Swirling Cloud Caused by the Angel Gabriel.

Folks! Every now and then you see somewhere a swirling could of Dust, you know who causes this cloud, Angel Gabriel. In the times of Prophet he used to visit Prophet Muhammad while causing swirling wind like crazy. But now a days when you see swirling wind just remember that he is just missing Prophet Muhammad , that’s all. Nothing to be amazed of.
Narrated Humaid bin Hilal:
Anas bin Malik said, "As if I say a cloud of dust swirling up in the lane of Bani Ghanim." Musa added, "That was caused by the procession of Gabriel."( Sahih Bukhari  Vol.4 Book 54 No.437)

D)   Gabriel was so big that he was spread across the heaven.

You know folks Prophet Muhammad used to be very kind hearted, tender and sublime person before becoming whatever he became afterwards as a Prophet of Allah. So in this encounter of Prophet with Gabriel, Prophet saw Gabriel sitting on a chair spread across  the heaven and earth and got very scared. An important thing to mention here is that Prophet Muhammad never saw Allah, according to some credible Muslim Ahadith narrated by his beloved wife Aisha. Islam has been brought to the world solely by this entity named Gabriel. What was the nature of this entity has been revealed in the teaching of Islam, to cause death and terror upon and in the hearts of unbelievers. Islam tells very clearly that whenever Allah sent a Prophet before Muhammad, He failed to convey His message to Mankind and now He, The Allah, is so angry on mankind that he wants his only true followers, Muslims, To kill all  the non-believers. Allah’s previous revelations and teachings became redundant and outdated and later on Allah made his mind clear and sent his final Revelations  to the Prophet Muhammad wherein Allah also changed His name from Yahwe To Allah. Amazing.  

Narrated Jabir bin `Abdullah:
that he heard the Prophet saying, "The Divine Inspiration was delayed for a short period but suddenly, as I was walking. I heard a voice in the sky, and when I looked up towards the sky, to my surprise, I saw the angel who had come to me in the Hira Cave, and he was sitting on a chair in between the sky and the earth. I was so frightened by him that I fell on the ground and came to my family and said (to them), 'Cover me! (with a blanket), cover me!' Then Allah sent the Revelation: "O, You wrapped up (In a blanket)! (Arise and warn! And your Lord magnify And keep pure your garments, And desert the idols." (74.1-5) (Sahih Bukhari 3238 Book Reference: Book 59, hadith 49 English Reference : Vol.4, Book 54 , Hadith 461)

Ending Note;

Folks! I hope you enjoyed my article. Don’t forget to like this article which is an encouraging factor always. I have a few topics in my mind for future writings including how Allah and Satan work in collaboration just  because of shortage of time unable to Endeavour on that but  as soon as I get enough time it will be here on my blog. Stay Blessed, Safe, and Smiling.    

Asad Mahmud

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